Public Accounts Committee

Forty-Eighth General Assembly - First Session - 2016

Public Accounts Committee:
Mr. David Brazil Member for Conception Bay East Bell Island
Mr. Neil King Member for Bonavista (from November 16, 2016)
Mr. Brian Warr Member for Baie Verte Green Bay (until May 19, 2016)
Mr. Barry Petten Member for Conception Bay South
Mr. Derrick Bragg - Member for Fogo Island Cape Freels
Ms. Pam Parsons Member for Harbour Grace Port de Grave
Mr. Scott Reid Member for St. George's Humber
Ms. Gerry Rogers Member for St. John's Centre


The schedule for Public Accounts Committee meetings will be determined at a later date.

* To view the verbatim accounts of the Public Accounts Committee from the 47th General Assembly, Fourth Session, 2015, click here.