Parliamentary Calendar

From the Appendix of the Standing Orders of the House of Assembly*

(* It is important to note that the procedures, guidelines, etc. listed here are practices and are not Standing Orders; and further, that this is not a complete collection of the practices of the House of Assembly).

  1. During a Session of the House of Assembly, the House shall ordinarily meet:

    1. in the Winter-Spring from the second Monday in March to the Friday before the Victoria Day weekend with a break from the end of the sitting day on Maundy Thursday to the third Monday after Easter; and
    2. in the Fall for a minimum of four weeks adjourning not later than one week before Christmas.
                                                                                                                                        (Amended 2005)

  2. Where the Government intends to extend the date of the adjournment of the House under paragraph 1(a) or (b), the Government House Leader shall after notice has been given make a motion to extend the sitting of the House and the motion shall be put without debate.

  3. Whenever the House stands adjourned, if the Speaker is satisfied, after consulting with the Government that the public interest requires that the House should meet at an earlier time than set out in number (1), the Speaker may give notice that being so satisfied the House shall meet, and therefore the House shall meet to transact its business as if it has been duly adjourned to that time.

  4. In the event the Speaker is unable to act owing to illness or other cause, the Deputy Speaker or Deputy Chair of Committees shall act in the Speaker's stead for the purpose of this item.