A petition is a request made by at least three citizens seeking the assistance of the House of Assembly in addressing a perceived public grievance.

Petitions must follow certain form and content requirements to be considered acceptable by the House of Assembly. Any petition that does not follow the established guidelines, as outlined below, may be rejected.

Addressee of Petitions

The following guidelines apply with respect to the Addressee of the petition:

Form of Petitions

All petitions to the House of Assembly must be written in English, or be accompanied by a translation. They must also include the following:

Prayer of Petition

It is important to ensure that the prayer of a petition is worded properly so that it is considered acceptable. The prayer is the "remedy" to the alleged grievance that has been previously outlined in the petition. All petitions presented to the House of Assembly must contain a prayer that is clear, temperate and respectful.

The following guidelines should be followed when developing the prayer of the petition:

Template for Petition

The following template can be used by citizens as a guideline for developing petitions.

Citizens may wish to contact the Office of the Clerk of the House of Assembly if they require further clarification with respect to petitions.

Presentation of Petitions