Standing Orders

Standing Orders are the rules of procedure in the House of Assembly. Below you can access them in their entirety, or by section, as well as browse the Index.

On 29 November 2016, the House considered and passed a Resolution respecting changes to the Standing Orders, some of which are provisional.The debate may be found here. Click here to view the changes.

Number(s):   Subject:
1.   General Rule
2-7.   Regulation and Management of the House: The Speaker
8-11.   Sittings of the House
(see provisional changes per Resolution linked above)
12-15.   Quorum
(see changes per Resolution linked above)
16.   Division
17-21.   Conduct of Members
22-23.   Strangers
(see changes per Resolution linked above)
24-35.   Business of the House: Routine Business
(see provisional changes to 24(3) per Resolution above)
36.   Matters of Urgent Public Importance
37-43.   Motions
44-50.   Rules of Debate
51-56.   Questions, Notices
57-59.   Business of Supply and Budget
60-62.   Committee of the Whole House
63-64.   Private Member's Motion
65-70.   Committees
71-77.   Estimates Procedure
78-89.   Public Bills
90-97.   Petitions
98-111.   Private Bills
112-118.   Officers of the House
119-128.   Library
    Appendix (see changes per Resolution linked above)