Member Accountability and Disclosure Reports -

Member Accountability and Disclosure Reports (the Reports) are prepared in accordance with the Members’ Resources and Allowances Rules and the Publication Scheme as approved by the House of Assembly Management Commission.

Subsection 11(1) of the Members’ Resources and Allowances Rules (the Rules) states: “Twice in each fiscal year the Clerk shall prepare a statement summarizing by category of expenditure the amounts paid in respect of which claims were made and paid against the allowances that each Member is entitled to access”.

Subsection 11(3) states “Within 21 days of the receipt of a statement under this section, a member shall sign the statement acknowledging its accuracy or may state in writing to the speaker objections that he or she has with respect to its accuracy”.

Subsection 13(2) of the Rules states: “The Clerk shall post for public access and inspection a copy of each statement and objections, on a website maintained and operated by or on behalf of the Office of the Speaker”.

The reports include all transactions which have been processed through government’s Financial Management System (FMS) for each month. At the end of each month, the system-month is “closed”. As a result, any credit or other adjustments/corrections which are identified after the month is closed are entered in FMS in a subsequent month. The original transaction and any related adjustments are separate items on the reports.

Objections under Subsection 11(3) may arise because an identified adjustment has not yet been entered in a subsequent month in FMS so not yet reflected in the Members’ Reports.

The types and amounts of allowances and resources allocations and expenditures incurred may differ among Members. For example, the geographic size and location of a constituency will affect Members’ allocations and expenditures related to intra-constituency and extra-constituency travel, while the number of constituents in a constituency will affect expenditures related to office operational expenses, such as printing of brochures and related postage costs.

Categories of Allowances

The Reports include expenditures incurred by, or on behalf of, Members to assist them in fulfilling their public duties and responsibilities as Members of the House of Assembly. They reflect the four main categories of allowances as provided for in the Rules: Office Allowances, Operational Resources, Travel and Living Allowances and Constituency Allowance. Detailed information on these categories and the related Members’ allocations can be found in the Members’ Resources and Allowances Rules.

Types of Reports

Two types of reports are published on the House of Assembly website – a Summary Report of all expenditures and Detailed Reports for each category and sub-category. The descriptions of these reports reflect the most current reports posted to the website.

1. Summary Report

Expenditures Summarized by Category - summarizes the allocations and expenditures for each category and sub-category of allowance included in the detailed reports.

This report has six columns as follows: 2. Detailed Reports

The ten detailed reports provide information on each category or sub-category as created by the Members’ Resources and Allowances Rules: Each of the ten reports has five columns as follows: