Corporate and Members' Services Division

The Corporate and Members' Services Division of the House of Assembly Service provides financial, budgetary, human resources, payroll and general administrative services to the House of Assembly Service, Caucus Operations, the Members of the House of Assembly and their staff, and to four of the five Statutory Offices (the Office of the Auditor General is excluded). The sections of the Division are:

Human Resources Services and Payroll Administration

Human Resources Services and Payroll Administration provides services in payroll administration; benefits coordination; staffing; learning and development; staff relations and counselling; occupational health and safety; conflict of interest; service recognition; position classifications and the development of HR policies.

Financial Planning and Reporting

Financial Planning and Reporting provides financial analysis, development, communication and advice on financial policies and procedures. It is also responsible for coordinating the annual estimates process; providing internal financial reports; external financial reporting including Members' expenses; and coordinating all audit processes. This section is also responsible for the accounts receivable/revenue function.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable provides accounts payable services for Members' claims and other payables.

General Operations and Purchasing

General Operations and Purchasing provides support for day-to-day operational matters, central purchasing and asset management activities. This section also manages the process for setting-up district constituency offices and co-ordinates the furniture, equipment and services entitlements for all Members.

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