Hansard is the official and complete report of debates and proceedings of the House of Assembly and the meetings of the House of Assembly Management Commission. It is named after Thomas Hansard, a publisher of the report of debates of the U.K. Parliament in the early 19th Century.

The Hansard document is essentially a verbatim transcript with editing limited to ensure proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, to observe parliamentary forms, and to minimize repetition and redundancy.

Oral Questions are available, in their unedited format, as soon as that portion of the transcription is complete, usually within an hour after the expiration of that particular piece of business. Other portions of the proceedings are available upon the request of a Member as quickly as transcription allows.

Within 24 hours, the completed transcript is usually available online on the House of Assembly Web site under Proceedings. The printed version of the Hansard document is available by mid-afternoon on the following day and can be obtained from the Queen's Printer.

Partial, draft Hansards, or "Blues", are posted to the House of Assembly Web site by approximately 7:00 p.m. each day. The complete, edited version is posted midday the following day.

The entire audio/visual record of the House proceeding is available within 45 minutes of the House rising for the day. This can be accessed at: http://www.assembly.nl.ca/business/Webcast/default.htm.

The transcripts for evening sittings are completed when the House of Assembly breaks for the summer and fall recesses. Transcriptions of Committees of the House are also held over and completed when the House is not sitting. These reports are available on the House of Assembly Web site when completed. If required, a request for a certain segment of an evening sitting can be made to Hansard and will be available as quickly as transcription allows.

For research or to use the Hansard index, please contact the Legislative Library through email or phone at 709-729-3604.