House of Assembly

Province of Newfoundland & Labrador



3rd Session – 48th General Assembly



Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018



(a)       Statements by Members

(b)     Statements by Ministers

(c)     Oral Questions

(d)     Presenting Reports by Standing and Select Committees

(e)     Tabling of Documents

(f)     Notices of Motion

(g)     Answers to questions for which notice has been given

(h)     Petitions




1. – Address in Reply


Third Reading Bills


2. – Third Reading of a Bill − “An Act To Amend The Schools Act, 1997”. (Bill No. 10)

                                               (Education and Early Childhood Development)


3. – Third Reading of a Bill − “An Act Respecting Tenancies Of Residential Premises”. (Bill No. 15)

                                               (Service NL)


Second Reading Bills


4. – Second Reading of a Bill − “An Act To Amend The Revenue Administration Act No. 2”. (Bill No. 9)

                                       (Finance and President of Treasury Board)


5. – Second Reading of a Bill − “An Act To Amend The Court Security Act, 2010”. (Bill No. 16)       

                                               (Justice and Public Safety)


6. – Second Reading of a Bill − “An Act To Amend The Corporations Act”. (Bill No. 18)

                                            (Service NL)


7. – Second Reading of a Bill − “An Act To Amend The Energy Corporation Act”. (Bill No. 19)    

                                         (Natural Resources)




1. − THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY – To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act Respecting The  Protection  Of Intimate Images”.  (Bill No. 12)


         2.  – MS. GERRY ROGERS (St. John’s Centre) – To Move:


“WHEREAS while national unemployment has reached a record low, Newfoundland and Labrador’s unemployment rate of 14.8% in 2017 was twice the national average;


            AND WHEREAS the R8 unemployment rate is growing closer to 20% taking into account those who have given up looking for work or are underemployed;


            AND WHEREAS it is crucial for all of us to work together to address the growing unemployment crisis;


            AND WHEREAS we have seen the success of previous all-party committees on Northern shrimp and mental health and addictions;


            BE IT RESOLVED that the House of Assembly urge Government to create an all-party Select Committee on Jobs to address the growing unemployment crisis in Newfoundland and Labrador”.                                                                                                                    ________________________________


Published under the authority of the Speaker of the

House of Assembly by the Queen’s Printer