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Newfoundland Regulation 1997



Rules of the Supreme Court, 1986 (Amendment)
under the
Judicature Act

(Filed January 13, 1997)

Under the authority of section 55 of the Judicature Act, the Rules Committee of the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland makes the following Rules.

Dated at St. John's, October 29, 1996.

Barry R. Sparkes, B.C.L.
Registrar of the Supreme Court
Secretary, Rules Committee



        1.   Rule 30.11 Amdt.
Objections and rulings of examiner

        2.   Form 56.04A Amdt.
Five‑day Estate Notice

as amended

        1. Rule 30.11(1) of the Rules of the Supreme Court, 1986, is amended by inserting immediately after the words "the evidence objected to" a comma and the words and comma "except in so far as the evidence relates to a matter that is alleged to be privileged,".

        2. Form 56.04A of the Rules is amended by deleting the words "FIVE DAYS after date hereof application will be made to the Honourable the Supreme Court, or one of the Honourable the Judges is thereof," and substituting the words "FIVE DAYS after this date, application will be made to the Supreme Court of Newfoundland, Trial Division, or to one of the Judges of the Supreme Court,".