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Species Status Advisory Committee Regulations
under the
Endangered Species Act
(O.C. 2001-754)

(Filed December 19, 2001)

Under the authority of subsection 44 of the Endangered Species Act , the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation makes the following regulations, with the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

Dated at St. John’s , December 18, 2001.

Kevin Aylward
Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation

Deborah E. Fry
Clerk of the Executive Council



1.   Short title

2.   Minimum qualification

3.   Chairperson

4.   Term of office

5.   Meetings

Short title

        1. These regulations may be cited as the Species Status Advisory Committee Regulations .

94/01 s1

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Minimum qualification

        2. (1) A person who has the following qualifications and has complied with subsection (2) is eligible to be appointed by the minister as a member of the Species Status Advisory Committee:

             (a)  a post-graduate degree from a recognized educational institution in a relevant biological science such as conservation biology, ecology, wildlife management or equivalent expertise in a relevant biological science acquired through a combination of education and experience, and current knowledge of the relevant biological science; or

             (b)  extensive and current traditional ecological or local ecological knowledge about species in the province and their habitat.

             (2)  A person shall demonstrate to the minister that they have

             (a)  general knowledge about the species of the province;

             (b)  detailed knowledge of a taxonomic group such as birds, mammals, vascular plants, invertebrates; or

             (c)  detailed knowledge of the species of a specific geographic region.

94/01 s2

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        3. The members of the SSAC shall elect a member to be the chairperson of the SSAC.

94/01 s3

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Term of office

        4. (1) Members shall be appointed for a minimum 2 year term which may be renewed, but the minister may appoint up to 3 members for a 3 year term which may be renewed .

             (2)  Where the term of office of a member of the SSAC expires, he or she shall continue to be a member until re-appointed or replaced.

             (3)  The SSAC may provide to the minister a list of suitable candidates to replace a member whose term of office is expiring.

94/01 s4

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        5. (1) The SSAC shall meet at least once in each calendar year.

             (2)  A meeting of the SSAC may be held by means of a telephone or other telecommunication device that permits all persons participating in the meeting to communicate with each other.

94/01 s5