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Notice of Wellhead Protected Water Supply Area of the Town of
Colliers , #3 Griffin s Well
under the
Water Resources Act

(Filed June 14 , 2004 )

Under the authority of section 61 of the Water Resources Act , I designate the area generally known as the #3 Griffin s Well for the Town of Colliers as a wellhead protected water supply area.

Dated at St. Johns , May 3, 2004 .

Tom Osborne
Minister of Environment and Conservation


This area includes all lands in the Provincial Electoral District of Harbour Main - Whitbourne abutted and bounded as follows:

By a circle of 100 metres radius with its centre being the Town of Colliers water supply #3 Griffins Well, having UTM co-ordinates northing 5,257,496 metres and easting 331,822 metres.

All co-ordinates refer to Zone 22 of the NAD 27 Universal Transverse Mercator Projection.