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Voiseys Bay Nickel Company Limited Primary
Production Order
under the
Mineral Act
(O.C. 2002 - 326)

(Filed October 7, 2002 )

Under the authority of section 31.1 of the Mineral Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following Order.

Dated at St. Johns , October 7, 2002 .

Deborah E. Fry
Clerk of the Executive Council



Short title

        1. This Order may be cited as the Voiseys Bay Nickel Company Limited Primary Production Order .

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        2. (1) In this order

             (a)  "Act" means the Mineral Act;

             (b)  "lease" means the valid and subsisting lease number 184 dated September 30, 2002 issued to the lessee under the Act for an area situated near Voiseys Bay; and

             (c)  "lessee " means Voiseys Bay Nickel Company Limited.

             (2)  In interpreting this Order, the terms "mineral", "mineral ore" and "primary production" shall have the meanings given to them in the Act.

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Best interest

        3. The Lieutenant-Governor in Council is of the opinion that, as a matter of public convenience and general policy, it is in the best interest of the province to grant this order.

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Primary production in the province

        4. The lessee shall complete primary production in the province of all minerals or mineral ores extracted or removed under the lease.

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Order continues in force

        5. This Order shall continue in force until the time that it is varied, rescinded or repealed by an order of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.