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Department of Labour Notice
under the
Executive Council Act
(O.C. 2001-139 & O.C. 2003-374)

(Filed July 21, 2003)

Under the authority of section 5 of the Executive Council Act, the Clerk of the Executive Council gives the following Notice.

Dated at St. John’s , July 11, 2003

Tim Murphy
Deputy Clerk of the Executive Council



Short title

        1. This Notice may be cited as the Department of Labour Notice.

86/03 s1

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        2. In this Notice

             (a)  "department" means the Department of Labour; and

             (b)  "minister" means the Minister of Labour.

86/03 s2

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Department and structure confirmed

        3. (1) The department was created by Order in Council 2001-139 and the departmental structure is confirmed by Order in Council 2003-374 and the department is presided over by the minister.

             (2)  The department consists of three branches as follows:

             (a)  Occupational Health and Safety;

             (b)  Labour; and

             (c)  Policy and Planning.

86/03 s3

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Powers and duties of the minister

        4. The powers, functions and duties of the minister include the supervision, control and direction of all matters relating to

             (a)  the regulation of industrial relations, terms and conditions of employment, labour standards, conciliation and mediation of disputes, occupational health and safety and worker’s compensation;

             (b)  the encouragement of effective relationships between employers and employees; and

             (c)  the administration of the Acts set out in the Schedule, and of all order and regulations passed or made under those Acts, including those powers, functions or duties necessary or desirable for carrying out the purpose of those Acts,

which are not, or in so far as they are not, the responsibility of another minister, agency, body, corporation, board, organization or person.

86/03 s4

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              1.  Employers' Liability Act

              2.  Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining Act

              3.  Interns and Residents Collective Bargaining Act

              4.  Labour Relations Act

              5.  Labour Standards Act

              6.  Occupational Health and Safety Act

              7.  Public Service Collective Bargaining Act

              8.  Radiation Health and Safety Act

              9.  Shops’ Closing Act

            10.  Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Act

            11.  Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Act

86/03 Sch