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Special Events Regulations
under the
Highway Traffic Act

(Filed September 8, 2009 )

Under the authority of section 187 of the Highway Traffic Act, I make the following regulations.

Dated at St. John’s , September 8, 2009 .

Trevor Taylor
Minister of Transportation and Works



1.   Short title

2.   Definition

3.   Closure of roads

4.   Speed limits

Short title

        1. These regulations may be cited as the Special Events Regulations .

80/09 s1

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        2. In these regulations, "special event" includes an activity that involves the closure of a highway or a part of a highway for the purpose of conducting a sporting or provincial, federal or municipal government or other group event within a municipality or other area of the province.

80/09 s2

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Closure of roads

        3. (1) The Minister of Transportation and Works may close a highway or a part of a highway to facilitate the holding of a special event.

             (2)  The minister may set the time during which a highway or a part of a highway may be closed under subsection (1).

80/09 s3

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Speed limits

        4. Speed limits on a highway or part of a highway closed under subsection (1) shall be posted at the beginning and at intervals where they differ from the speed limits imposed by the Act.

80/09 s4