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Wild Life Park Regulations
under the
Wild Life Act
(O.C. 96-241)

Under the authority of section 7 of the Wild Life Act and the Subordinate Legislation Revision and Consolidation Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following regulations.



Short title

        1. These regulations may be cited as the Wild Life Park Regulations.

276/80 s1

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        2. In these regulations

             (a)  "authorized or approved research" means research performed by a person who has received the approval of the minister or the person authorized by the minister to grant the approval;

             (b)  "camp" means a building, house, cottage, cabin, camp, trailer, recreational vehicle or shelter erected or used for any purpose;

             (c)  "emergency" means a condition declared by the manager, or the person authorized by the manager, to be an emergency;

             (d)  "enclosure" means an area

                      (i)  separated from the public, and

                     (ii)  where a wild animal is maintained and that is separated from the public;

             (e)  "intensive use area" means that section of a wild life park that is bounded by a fence and is used for the primary purpose of displaying wild life in captivity;

              (f)  "limited use area" means that section of a park outside the intensive use area the primary function of which is to provide a wild life reserve where many traditional resource uses are restricted and to provide a wild area for quiet and unmechanized recreation and nature appreciation;

             (g)  "manager" means manager of a park;

             (h)  "park" means a wild life park as established by the minister; and

              (i)  "permit" means a valid permit or ticket to be issued or authorized under these regulations.

276/80 s2

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Limited activities within park

        3. (1) The minister or a person authorized by the minister may issue a permit or other written authorization that allows certain activities to be carried on in a park for a certain time limit subject to these regulations.

             (2)  The activities referred to in subsection (1) may be limited by the conditions declared on the permit or in the written authorization.

             (3)  A person shall not carry on or be engaged in any business in the park except under or in accordance with a permit in writing issued by the minister.

             (4)  The minister may issue a permit to any person to carry on a business in the park.

             (5)  A permit issued under subsection (4) shall define the business to be carried on and may fix the period during which it may be carried on and the minister may attach to it the conditions that he or she considers appropriate.

             (6)  Every permit issued under subsection (4) is subject to the observance by the person to whom it is issued and by all of his or her employees of these regulations and other regulations that may be passed before or after the passing of these regulations for the control and management of parks and of conditions contained in the permit.

276/80 s4

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Order to show permit

        4. If ordered by a wild life officer, a person who is within a park shall show the officer his or her permit.

276/80 s5

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        5. A person may not enter a wild life park except if that person is

             (a)  engaged in the administration and maintenance of a park; and

             (b)  the holder of a permit.

276/80 s6

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Eviction and seizure

        6. A wildlife officer may evict from a park a person found violating these regulations and may seize a vehicle, equipment or appliance used in the commission of an act in violation of these regulations.

276/80 s9

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Refusal of admittance

        7. A wild life officer may refuse a person admittance to a park if, in his or her opinion, that person is acting objectionably or is likely to act objectionably.

276/80 s10

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Entry after eviction

        8. A person evicted from a park shall have permission in writing from the minister or the person authorized by the minister for re-entry into that park.

276/80 s11

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        9. A cat, dog or other pet found running at large in a park may be destroyed by a wild life officer or turned over to pet control authorities.

276/80 s12

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Aid in emergencies

     10. A person in a park shall, if ordered by a wild life officer, aid in an emergency unless that person, in the opinion of the wild life officer, has a sound reason for doing otherwise.

276/80 s15

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Order to quit in emergencies

     11. Notwithstanding section 10, a person who is present within a park at the time of an emergency shall, if ordered by a wild life officer, leave the park immediately.

276/80 s16

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     12. The minister or person authorized by the minister may collect fees for a permit issued under these regulations or for the rental or sale of an article sold or rented at a park.

276/80 s17

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Public admittance

     13. The minister may authorize the manager to permit or prohibit public admittance to a park for a period of time.

276/80 s21

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     14. (1) A person involved with authorized or approved research within a park may be exempt from these regulations depending on the characteristics of the research.

             (2)  An exemption referred to in subsection (1) may take the form of a written authorization from the minister, or person authorized by the minister, which shall specify the exemptions to these regulations and may attach other limiting conditions as considered necessary by the issuer of the authorization.

276/80 s22

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      15. The Wild Life Park Regulations, 1980 (No. 2), Newfoundland Regulation 276/80, are repealed.