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1993 cD-19.1 s21




1.   Short title

2.   Definitions

3.   Regulations

4.   Minimum requirements

5.   Offence

Short title

        1. This Act may cited as the Tourist Establishments Act.

RSN1970 c376 s1

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        2. In this Act

             (a)  "minister" means the Minister of Tourism and Culture;

             (b)  "operator" means the owner or lessee of a tourist establishment or the resident manager or other person in charge of the establishment; and

             (c)  "tourist establishment" includes a cabin, cottage, hotel, motel, motor hotel, inn, tourist home, tourist information centre, hospitality home, tour company, and trailer establishment and a camp, cabin, tent camp or other premises erected or used for the purpose of catering to hunters and sport fishers and a boat on which food and overnight accommodation is provided for hunters, sport fishers or travel parties.

RSN1970 c376 s2; 1973 No18 Sch B; 1975 No63 s2; 1979 c49 Sch D; 1981 c4 Sch A; 1985 c30 Sch; 1989 c22 Sch B; 1993 cD-19.1 s21

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        3. The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may make regulations

             (a)  defining and classifying tourist establishments;

             (b)  providing for the licensing of tourist establishments and the suspension and cancellation of licences and prescribing the fees payable for licences and renewals;

             (c)  providing for inspection of tourist establishments and for the designation by the minister of officials and employees of the government as inspectors and for prescribing the duties and powers of inspectors;

             (d)  prescribing ground plans for tourist establishments including specifications governing the relative positions of and distances between the component parts of those establishments;

             (e)  prescribing specifications governing the construction and size of buildings and other structures comprising tourist establishments;

              (f)  prescribing cubic space requirements in respect of living and sleeping accommodation in tourist establishments;

             (g)  prescribing the fire prevention measures that shall be maintained in tourist establishments;

             (h)  governing and regulating the manner in which the grounds, buildings, equipment and other facilities of tourist establishments shall be maintained, including the cleaning, fumigating and sterilizing of a part of an establishment;

              (i)  prescribing requirements for tourist establishments in respect of water closets and other sanitary facilities, water supply, plumbing, ventilation, heating, lighting, electrical equipment, food storage, food handling, disposal of garbage and other matters concerning the health and welfare of persons accommodated;

              (j)  prescribing the maximum number of tourist establishments for a designated area;

             (k)  requiring operators to display notices or insignia indicating the class of establishment operated, and prescribing those notices or insignia;

              (l)  requiring operators to maintain a register of the persons, motor vehicles and trailers accommodated, and requiring persons accommodated to register and prescribing the information that shall be entered in the register by the operator and by the person accommodated;

            (m)  prescribing rules to be observed by persons accommodated in tourist establishments;

             (n)  requiring the operators of tourist establishments to keep posted in a room or building used for sleeping accommodation a notice specifying the rates charged for the room or building;

             (o)  prescribing the minimum amount of furniture, bedding, linen, heating and lighting devices, electrical outlets, utensils, dishes, cutlery, floor covering, window covering and other fixtures, furnishings, appliances and equipment that shall be provided in tourist establishments;

             (p)  requiring public carriers such as railway and steamship companies, air transport services and other persons engaged in carrying of passengers to make returns giving information of passengers brought into the province;

             (q)  providing for the licensing of boats used commercially for the transportation or enjoyment of hunters, sport fishers or travel parties and providing for the suspension and cancellation of those licences and prescribing the fees payable for those licences and the form in and the date before which applications for those licences shall be made;

              (r)  requiring operators to make monthly returns and prescribing the form of the returns, the date before which the returns are to be made, the information to be given in the returns, the person to whom and the manner in which the returns are to be made;

             (s)  requiring operators to provide the minister with the information that the minister may require and prescribing the date before which the information is to be provided;

              (t)  respecting the health of persons employed in or in connection with tourist establishments, the production of medical certificates by those persons and prohibiting the employment in tourist establishments of persons suffering from contagious or infectious disease; and

             (u)  generally, to give effect to the purpose of this Act.

RSN1970 c376 s4

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Minimum requirements

        4. A regulation made under paragraphs 3(d) to (i) shall be regarded as setting minimum requirements only.

RSN1970 c376 s5

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        5. A person who violates a regulation made under this Act is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of not more than $2,000 and in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 3 months or to both a fine and imprisonment.

1977 c65 s1