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Table of Public Statutes


Act Name
Amendments, etc .
Labour Relations Act RSNL1990  L-1 s2, 1997 c44 s1;2001 c33 s43;
2001 cN-3.1 s2;2008 c18 s1;
2012 c30 s1
s3, 1991 c35 s8
s6, 1991 c47 s1;2006 c46 s1;
2012 c30 s2;2017 c21 s1
s9, 1991 c21 s1;1991 c47 s2;2001
c33 s43
s9.1, added 1991 c47 s3;1992 c39
s9.2, added 1991 c47 s3
s9.3, added 2001 c33 s43;2006 c46 s2
s15.1, added 2012 c30 s3
s17, 2001 c33 s43;2012 c30 s4;
2013 c3 s41
s17.1, added 2014 cP-37.2 s29
s18, 2001 c12 s1;2001 c33 s43;
2006 c46 s3;2012 c30 s5
2013 c3 s41
2014 cP-37.2 s29
s18.1, added 2001 c12 s2
s19, 2006 c46 s4
s19.1, added 2006 c46 s5;2014 c19 s1
s21, 2001 c12 s3;2006 c46 s6;
R&S 2013 c16 s25
s25, 2012 c30 s6
s29, 2014 c19 s2
s30, 2006 c46 s7;2013 c16 s25
s34, 1997 c44 s2
s38.1, added 1997 c44 s3
s41.1, added 1997 c44 s4
s42, 1997 c44 s5
s47, R&S 1993 c58 s1;1994 c28
s13;R&S 2012 c30 s7;R&S 2014
c19 s3
s47.1, added 2012 c30 s7;Rep. 2014
c19 s3
s50, 2012 c30 s8
s51, 1993 c58 s2;2012 c30 s9
s51.1, added 1993 c58 s3;1994
c28 s13;2006 c46 s8
s56.1, added 1997 c44 s6
s69, Rep. 2012 c30 s10
s70, 1991 c47 s4;1997 c14 s1;
2001 c12 s4;R&S 2012 c30 s11
ss70.1-70.18, added 1991 c47 s5
(not in force)
s74, 2014 c19 s4
s75, 2014 c19 s5
s79, Rep. 2014 c19 s6
s80, Rep. 2014 c19 s6
s81, R&S 2011 c9 s1;R&S 2012 c30
s12;2014 c19 s7
s81.1, added 1997 c44 s7
s81.2, added 1997 c44 s7
s81.3, added 1997 c44 s7
s82, R&S 2006 c46 s9
s83, R&S 2011 c9 s2
s83.1, added 2012 c30 s13
(see 2014 c21 s1)
s85, 2001 c12 s5;R&S 2012 c30 s14
s85.1, added 2012 c30 s14
s86.1, added 2011 c9 s3
s86.2, added 2011 c9 s3
s88.1, added 1991 c47 s6
s89, 2006 c46 s10
s90, R&S 2013 c16 s25
s91, R&S 2011 c9 s4
s91.1, added 2008 c18 s2;2012 c30 s15
s91.2, added 2008 c18 s2;2017 c20 s1
s91.3, added 2008 c18 s2;2012 c30 s16
s91.4, added 2008 c18 s2
s91.5, added 2008 c18 s2;R&S 2012
c30 s17
s91.6, added 2008 c18 s2
s92, 2014 c19 s8
s93, (old 89) 1991 c47 s7
Parts V & VI headings,
R&S 2014 c19 s9
s98, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s99, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s100, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s100.1, added 1993 c58 s4;Rep. 2014
c19 s9
s100.2, added 1997 c44 s8;Rep. 2014
c19 s9
s101, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s102, Rep. 2012 c30 s18;
added 2014 c19 s9
s103, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s104, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s105, Rep. 2011 c9 s5;
added 2014 c19 s9
s106, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s107, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s108, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s109, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s110, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s111, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s112, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s113, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s114, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s115, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s116, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s117, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s118, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s119, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s120, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s121, R&S 2014 c19 s9
s121.1, added 2014 c19 s9
s122, 2006 c46 s11
s123, 2006 c46 s12;2012 c30 s19
s124, R&S 2001 c12 s6
s125, R&S 2001 c12 s6
s126, R&S 2001 c12 s6
s130, R&S 2006 c46 s13
s147, 2012 c30 s20
s148, Rep. 2006 c40 s9
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