Statutes & Regulations

  • Consolidation
    A current statement of the law. You may browse an alphabetical list of statutes with links to the regulations associated with each statute. You may browse an alphabetical list of regulations by title. You may view and access statutes and regulations by department responsible. You may view a listing of all subordinate legislation registered in the province since 1996. Finally, you may view Statutes and Regulations as they were at particular points in time.
  • Annual Statutes
    An online version of the annual bound volume of statutes passed in that year by the House of Assembly.
  • Table of Public Statutes
    A listing of all public statutes including the history of a statute, any amendments and whether it has been repealed or replaced by another statute.
  • Annual Regulations
    An online version of the regulations published in the Gazette in a particular year.
  • Table of Regulations
    A listing of all regulations currently in force in the province, organized by the statute that a regulation is made under and shows the history of the regulation.

Online versions of Bills introduced in the House of Assembly are available by selecting the link to the Progress of Bills under the Proceedings portion of the website.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Gazette is available on the Queen's Printer site.

Orders in Council are available through the online Cabinet Secretariat portal.
(2006 onward)

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