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Newfoundland Regulation 1996



Open Season, Spring, Big Game, Black Bear, Hunting and
Snaring Order, Newfoundland, 1997

under the
Wild Life Regulations, 1984

Under the authority of sections 31 and 90 of the Wild Life Regulations, 1984, I make the following Order.

Dated at St. John's, September 27, 1996.

Beaton Tulk
Minister of
Forest Resources and Agrifoods



        1.   Short title

        2.   Open Season

        3.   Foot snares

        4.   Legholds

        5.   Bag limits

        6.   Licence validity

        7.   Identification

Short title

        1. This Order may be cited as the Open Season, Spring, Big Game, Black Bear, Hunting and Snaring Order, Newfoundland, 1997.

Open season

        2. (1) The Open Season, Spring, for the hunting and snaring of black bear shall be April 26, 1997 to June 28, 1997 in all Moose Management Areas except as follows:


                      Area No.      Season Dates

                      1                    No Open Season

                      24                  No Open Season

                      31                  No Open Season

                      32                  No Open Season

                      33                  No Open Season

                      34                  No Open Season

                      35                  No Open Season

                      36                  No Open Season

                      38                  No Open Season

                      43                  No Open Season

                      44                  No Open Season

                      45                  No Open Season

                      47                  No Open Season

             (2)  The Moose Management Areas referred to in subsection (1) are described in the Open Season Big Game, Moose, Hunting Order, Newfoundland, 1996‑97 except that Moose Management Area 28 is further described, for black bear hunting only, to exclude:

All that area of the Island of Newfoundland located in the district of Terra Nova, commencing at a point in the centre of the Land‑Fill site at the Northwestern edge of Terra Nova National Park;

Then extending to a radius of 2 kilometres from that point in all directions.

This area contains approximately 1,250 hectares with a perimeter of approximately 12,543 metres.

Foot snares

        3. Only Aldrich foot snares or similar devices may be set for the taking of black bears and those devices must be set in a covered “cubby set” and clearly marked with a warning sign indicating that a bear snaring device is set in the “cubby”.


        4. Steel‑jaw leghold, spring or jump traps shall not be used to take black bears.

Bag limits

        5. Two black bears of any age or sex, except the female black bears accompanied by cubs may not be taken by shooting.

Licence validity

        6. Each spring season black bear licence shall be valid only for the area for which it is issued.


        7. No person shall transport or possess any firearms under the authority of a valid game licence without being in *possession of an outdoor identification card, or non‑resident equivalent card, issued to the person.