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Newfoundland Regulation 1997



Fox Harbour Municipal Planning Area
under the
Urban and Rural Planning Act

(Filed December 11, 1997)

Under the authority of section 11 of the Urban and Rural Planning Act, I define the following area as the Fox Harbour Municipal Planning Area.

Dated at St. John’s, December 4, 1997.

Arthur D. Reid
Minister of Municipal and Provincial Affairs


Beginning at Kelly Point at the south entrance to Fox Harbour and following the high water shoreline of Placentia Sound via Samson Point, Connor Cove Point, Powell Point, White Point to the mouth of the river at the eastern end of the sound;

Then running along the northern bank of the river to Highway 102;

Then running north 35° east 3,750 metres, more or less;

Then running north 88° west 6,550 metres, more or less, to the eastern shoreline of Placentia Bay at the north entrance to Maurice Poole Cove;

Then following the high water shoreline via Maurice Poole Cove, Isaac Heads, Isaac Point, Bottom Barasway, Maker Point and Fox Harbour to the point of beginning.

All bearings refer to the true meridian.