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Newfoundland Regulation 1999



Lottery Scheme, 1985 General Rules

under the
Criminal Code
(M.C. 1081-82)

(Filed September 2, 1999)

Under the authority granted by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council  by Minute of Council 1081-82 and subsection 207(2) of the Criminal Code, I make the following regulations.

Dated at St. John’s, September 2, 1999.

Barbara Knight
Deputy Minister
Government Services and Lands



        1.   Rule 1 R&S
Sch. A - Rules for Bingo Lottery Scheme Amdt.



NR 95/85
as amended

        1. Rule 1 of Schedule A of the Lottery Scheme, 1985 General Rules is repealed and the following substituted:

Rules for Bingo

        1. (1) Each licence shall comply with the following:

             (a)  Excluding paragraph (c), the maximum combined payout for each bingo event is $3,000;

             (b)  Excluding paragraph (c) and media bingo, the maximum prize payout for any one game is $1,500;

             (c)  In addition to the maximum combined prize payout of $3,000 there may be not more than 2 additional 50/50 style bingo games with non-accumulating jackpots and one additional bingo game with an accumulating jackpot prize, but the accumulating jackpot game must be conducted in accordance with the Escalating Jackpot Conditions set by the minister;

             (d)  Excluding paragraph (c), jackpots or banks are authorized to a maximum of $1,500;

             (e)  The maximum expenses allowed from gross bingo proceeds is 20%;

              (f)  The minimum required return for charitable or religious purposes from gross gaming-related proceeds is 15%; and

             (g)  The maximum number of events allowed each week for each licence is 2, or 104 a year.

             (2)  Paragraph (1)(f) comes into force on March 1, 2000.