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Newfoundland Regulation 2000



Official Administrator for the Town of Flatrock Order
under the
Municipal Affairs Act

(Filed December 13, 2000)

Under the authority of section 6 of the Municipal Affairs Act, I make the following Order.

Dated at St. John's, December 13, 2000.

Joan Marie Aylward
Minister of Municipal and Provincial Affair



        1.   Short title

        2.   Official administrator appointed

        3.   Effective date

Short title

        1. This order may be cited as the Official Administrator for the Town of Flatrock Order.

Official administrator appointed

        2. Mr. Dan Noseworthy is appointed as the official administrator to manage and conduct the affairs of the Town of Flatrock, until such time as may be determined by my department.

Effective date

        3. This appointment will have effect from December 13, 2000.