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Newfoundland Regulation 2001



Water Power Rental Regulations
under the
Crown Lands Act
(O.C. 2000-690)

(Filed January 2, 2001)

Under the authority of section 34 of the Crown Lands Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following regulations.

Dated at St. John’s, December 19, 2000.

Gary Norris
Clerk of the Executive Council



        1.   Short title

        2.   Definition

        3.   Application

        4.   Rates

Short title

        1. These regulations may be cited as the Water Power Rental Regulations.


        2. In these regulations, "water power licence" includes an interim, final and supplementary licence of a water power issued under the Crown Lands Act whether issued alone or in conjunction with a water use authorization issued under the Environment Act.


        3. These regulations apply to water power generated under

             (a)  a water power licence or renewal of a water power licence issued on or after the date these regulations come into effect; and

             (b)  the water power licences for the

                      (i)  Rattle Brook Hydroelectric Power Generating Plant at Rattle Brook, located on the northeast edge of the Long Range Mountains, Northern Peninsula near the Town of Jackson's Arm,

                     (ii)  Rose Blanche Brook Hydroelectric Power Generating Plant at Rose Blanche Brook, located on the southwest coast of the Island of Newfoundland near the Town of Rose Blanche-Harbour Le Cou,

                    (iii)  Star Lake Hydroelectric Power Generating Plant at Star Lake, located in central Newfoundland, on the east side of the Long Range Mountains, and

                    (iv)  Tors Cove/Rocky Pond Hydroelectric Power Generating Plants at Tors Cove Pond and Southern Rocky Pond, located on the east coast of the Avalon Peninsula near the Local Service District of Tors Cove.


        4. (1) The annual rent for a water power licence shall be $0.80 per megawatt hour of power generated.

             (2)  The annual rental rate in subsection (1) shall be effective from the date of first generation of power, whether it is before or after the date these regulations come into effect.

             (3)  Notwithstanding subsection (2), the annual rent for the water power licence referred to in subparagraph 3(b)(iv) shall be effective from May 28, 1998.