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Newfoundland Regulation 2001



Liquor Licensing Regulations (Amendment)
under the
Liquor Control Act
(O.C. 2001-296)

(Filed June 18, 2001)

Under the authority of section 61 of the Liquor Control Act, the Board of Directors of the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation, with the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, makes the following regulations.

Dated at St. John’s, June 8, 2001.

Jamie M. Smith, Q.C.
Newfoundland Liquor Corporation

Deborah Fry
Clerk of the Executive Council



        1.   S.36.1 Added
Minimum price

CNR 1162/96
as amended

        1. The Liquor Licensing Regulations are amended by adding immediately after section 36 the following:

Minimum price

   36.1 (1) In this section, "standard serving" means:

             (a)  341 millilitres of beer;

             (b)  355 millilitres of a refreshment beverage;

             (c)  118 millilitres of wine; and

             (d)  30 millilitres of spirits.

             (2)  The holder of a lounge, club, restaurant, hotel, motel, tourist home, recreational facility, restaurant/lounge, institution, military mess, tour boat, airport establishment, transportation services and special event licence shall not

             (a)  provide free alcoholic liquor to a patron or guest on a licensed premises; and

             (b)  provide alcoholic liquor to a patron or guest on a licensed premises for less than $1.65 per standard serving inclusive of applicable taxes, or in a larger or smaller serving without an increase or decrease in the price in the same proportion as the increase or decrease in the volume of alcoholic liquor.

             (3)  Notwithstanding subsection (2),

             (a)  the holder of a class of licence referenced in subsection (2) may provide free alcoholic liquor to a patron or guest on a licensed premises during a product tasting sponsored by a manufacturer or manufacturer's representative, where

                      (i)  approval in writing is obtained from the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation prior to the tasting,

                     (ii)  a representative of the manufacturer is present on the licensed premises at all times during the tasting, and

                    (iii)  no more than 2 standard servings of alcoholic liquor are provided to each patron or guest during the tasting;

             (b)  the holder of a restaurant, hotel, motel or tourist home licence may provide alcoholic liquor free or at a reduced price on the licensed premises as part of an event for which one fee is charged for alcoholic liquor, and overnight accommodation and a meal; and

             (c)  the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation may in advance and  in writing approve the serving of free or reduced price alcoholic liquor by the holder of a class of licence referred to in subsection (2) for other promotional purposes and functions.

             (4)  For the purpose of this section, a question as to whether a product is "beer", "a refreshment beverage", "wine" or "spirits" shall be determined by the category under which that product is listed in the retail price list issued periodically by the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation.