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Newfoundland and Labrador
Regulation 2002



Load Security Regulations (Amendment)
under the
Highway Traffic Act

(Filed June 11, 2002)

Under the authority of section 187 of the Highway Traffic Act, I make the following regulation.

Dated at St. John’s, June 11, 2002.

Walter Noel
Minister of Government Services and Lands



        1.   S.2 Amdt.

        2.   S.3 Amdt.
Tie-down assembly

        3.   Commencement

CNLR 1008/96
as amended

        1. (1) Section 2 of the Load Security Regulations is amended by adding immediately after paragraph (f) the following:

           (f.1)  "fish" includes crustaceans and molluscs, and marine animals, and parts, products and by-products of them;

             (2)  Paragraph 2(j) of the regulations is repealed and the following substituted:

              (j)  "waste" means ordinary waste associated with municipal, commercial and industrial collection systems, including ashes, garbage, refuse, offal, liquids, including water and water containing fish slime, and domestic waste; and


        2. (1) Subsection 3(4) of the regulations is repealed and the following substituted:

             (4)  Where a combination vehicle is being operated on a highway and is carrying a load consisting of

             (a)  sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, salt or a mixture of them, where those substances are in the form of particles of up to 40 millimetres in diameter;

             (b)  waste; or

             (c)  shredded scrap metal,

the portion of the load which is not enclosed by the vehicle or load container, shall be covered with a covering which is made of tarpaulin, canvas, netting or other material capable of confining the load within the vehicle or load container and that container shall be designed to prevent leakage of liquids or material or, where the load is not enclosed in a container, the vehicle shall be equipped in a manner that prevents leakage of liquids or material from the vehicle.

             (2)  Paragraph 3(5)(a) of the regulations is repealed and the following substituted:

             (a)  in the course of applying brine, sand, salt, a mixture of sand and salt or a similar substance to a highway for the purpose of winter highway maintenance;

             (3)  Paragraph 3(5)(h) of the regulations is repealed and the following substituted:

             (h)  in the course of transporting fish or fish products, where

                      (i)  containers are used,

                     (ii)  container covers are secured to each container by cover fasteners or specially designed strapping, and

                    (iii)  liquids associated with the transportation of the fish or fish products present in the container are prevented from leaking from the container or, where the liquids are not kept in the container, from the vehicle by means of the vehicle having been fitted with a drip tank sufficient to contain the liquids.


        3. These regulations come into force on July 1, 2002.