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Newfoundland and Labrador
Regulation 2007



 Labour Relations Board Rules of Procedure
under the
Labour Relations Act
(O.C. 2007-346)

(Filed August 7, 2007)

Under the authority of section 22 of the Labour Relations Act, the Labour Relations Board, with the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, makes the following regulations.

Dated at St. John’s, August 1, 2007.

Valerie L. Marshall, Q.C.
Chair, Labour Relations Board

Gary Norris
Clerk of the Executive Council



        1.   S.15.1 Added
Presumed withdrawal

        2.   S.27 Amdt.
Pre-hearing conferences

CNLR 745/96
as amended

        1. The Labour Relations Board Rules of Procedure are amended by adding immediately after section 15 the following:

Presumed withdrawal

   15.1 (1) Where the board considers a matter to be inactive for a period of at least 12 months, the board may notify the parties of its intent to consider the matter withdrawn or abandoned.

             (2)  Where, 30 days after notice to the parties is given under subsection (1) no representations are made to the board to the contrary, the matter for which notice has been given is considered to be withdrawn or abandoned.

             (3)  Where representations are made within the time frame referred to in subsection (2), the board may make the decision it considers appropriate with respect to the matter.


        2. Section 27 of the Rules is amended by adding immediately after subsection (1) the following:

           (1.1  )  The chairperson or a vice-chairperson may, before the commencement of a hearing, direct that the parties produce documents to the board and the parties to the proceeding on those terms that the chairperson or vice-chairperson may direct.