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Newfoundland and Labrador
Regulation 2009



Amusement Rides and Elevating Devices
Regulations (Amendment)
under the
Public Safety Act
(O.C. 2009-274)

(Filed September 21, 2009)

Under the authority of section 32 of the Public Safety Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following regulations.

Dated at St. John’s, September 15, 2009.

Gary Norris
Clerk of the Executive Council



        1.    S.4 Amdt.
Codes applicable

NLR 118/96

        1. Subsection 4(1) of the Amusement Rides and Elevating Devices Regulations is repealed and the following substituted:

Codes applicable

        4. (1) The standard for design, construction, installation, inspection and maintenance of all amusement rides and elevating devices in the province shall be in accordance with the following codes and standards:

             (a)  ASME A17.1/CSA B44 - Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators;

             (b)  CSA Standard B44.2 - Maintenance Requirements and Intervals for Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators and Moving Walks;

             (c)  CAN/CSA B311 - Safety Code for Manlifts;

             (d)  CAN/CSA B355 - Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities;

             (e)  CAN/CSA Z98 - Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors;

              (f)  CAN/CSA Z185 - Safety Code for Personnel Hoists;

             (g)  CAN/CSA Z256 - Safety Code for Material Hoists;

             (h)  CAN/CSA Z267 -Safety Code for Amusement Rides and Devices;

              (i)  CSA C 22.1 - Canadian Electric Code, Part I;

              (j)  a code or standard adopted under the Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Compressed Gas Regulations for hydraulic or pneumatic systems relating to amusement rides or elevating devices; and

             (k)  a standard, specification, code or other document referred to in a code or standard referred to in paragraphs (a) to (j).