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Consolidated Newfoundland Regulation 1996



Automobile Insurance Rating Bureau Regulations
under the
Automobile Insurance Act
(O.C. 96‑243)

Under the authority of section 60 of the Automobile Insurance Act and the Subordinate Legislation Revision and Consolidation Act, the Lieutenant‑Governor in Council makes the following regulations.



        1.   Short title

        2.   Definitions

        3.   Rates

        4.   Filing requirements

        5.   Repeal

Short title

        1. These regulations may be cited as the Automobile Insurance Rating Bureau Regulations.

245/85 s1


        2. In these regulations

             (a)  "Act" means the Automobile Insurance Act;

             (b)  "board" means the Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities established under the Public Utilities Act; and

             (c)  "rating bureau" means

                      (i)  a group of insurers that come together or is formed for the purpose of recommending or proposing rates to be charged for automobile insurance by insurers associated with the group or organization, and includes the Insurance Advisory Organization of Canada, or

                     (ii)  a group of insurers that come together or is formed as an unincorporated organization known as the Facility Association, as constituted by its plan of operation, and where its operations in the province are concerned in accordance with section 98 of the Insurance Companies Act.

245/85 s2


        3. A rating bureau may file rates subject to sections 46 to 57 of the Act.

245/85 s3

Filing requirements

        4. (1) A rating bureau shall file with the board all rates which it proposes to charge for automobile insurance.

             (2)  The board shall consider all filings made under this section in the manner prescribed by subsection 49(2) of the Act.

             (3)  Section 53 of the Act does not apply to filings made under this section.

             (4)  A person shall not charge a rate for automobile insurance placed through the Facility Association that has not been approved under subsection 49(2) of the Act.

245/85 s4


        5. The Automobile Insurance (Rating Bureau) Regulations, 1985, Newfoundland Regulation 245/85, are repealed.