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Consolidated Newfoundland Regulation 1996



Hearing Aid Dealers Regulations
under the
Hearing Aid Dealers Act

(O.C. 96‑941)

Under the authority of section 19 of the Hearing Aid Dealers Act and the Subordinate Legislation Revision and Consolidation Act, the Lieutenant‑Governor in Council makes the following regulations.



        1.   Short title

        2.   Definitions

        3.   Meetings

        4.   Annual general meeting

        5.   Registration prerequisites

        6.   Renewal of registration

        7.   Education programs

        8.   Continuing education

        9.   Hearing aid dealer in training

      10.   Display of certificate

      11.   Duplicate certificate

      12.   Examinations

      13.   Registration examination required

      14.   Fee required

      15.   Fees

      16.   Dealer's licence

      17.   Dealer in training licence

      18.   Repeal

Short title

        1. These regulations may be cited as the Hearing Aid Dealers Regulations.

179/90 s1


        2. In these regulations

             (a)  "Act" means the Hearing Aid Dealers Act; and

             (b)  "board" means the Newfoundland Hearing Dealers Board appointed under the Act.

179/90 s2


        3. (1) Meetings of the board shall be called by the chairperson of the board upon his or her own initiative or at the discretion of at least 2 members of the board.

             (2)  All members of the board shall be given at least one week's notice of the time and place of the meeting.

179/90 ss3&4

Annual general meeting

        4. (1) The annual general meeting of the board shall be called and held before December 31 of each year.

             (2)  Notice of the annual general meeting shall be given each member of the board at least 28 days before the holding of the meeting.

179/90 ss5&6

Registration prerequisites

        5. Requirements and qualifications for the issuing of a licence to practise as a hearing aid dealer in the province are:

             (a)  that the applicant maintain a permanent place of business within the province or be employed by a licensed hearing aid dealer who maintains a permanent place of business within the province;

             (b)  payment of the fees prescribed by the board;

             (c)  the completion and filing of an application form prescribed by the board;

             (d)  successful completion of a training program as approved by the board and encompassing the areas of study outlined in section 7;

             (e)  successful completion of the examinations prescribed by the board; and

              (f)  notwithstanding the above, where an applicant demonstrates to the board an equivalent level of competence and training based on knowledge and experience, the board may in its discretion exempt the applicant from the requirements of paragraph (d).

179/90 s7

Renewal of registration

        6. (1) The board shall distribute to a hearing aid dealer whose registration is current at least 60 days before the end of the registration year an application for renewal of registration.

             (2)  The board may renew the certificate of an individual who

             (a)  is currently registered and in good standing;

             (b)  has submitted a completed application for renewal form to the board;

             (c)  has paid the prescribed fee before the end of the current year;

             (d)  has practised as a licensed hearing aid dealer for at least 60 practice days in the current registration year; and

             (e)  has paid all required fees as prescribed by the board.

             (3)  Notwithstanding paragraphs (2)(c) and (d), the board may waive the requirements where it considers appropriate.

             (4)  The registration year shall commence on July 1 and end on June 30 of the following year.

179/90 s8

Education programs

        7. The board may approve training programs for the purpose of registration and licensing under the Act where the applicant has successfully completed a course of study in hearing aid dispensing in a college or institute which is recognized by the board encompassing the following areas of study:

             (a)  anatomy and physiology of the ear;

             (b)  hearing and how we hear;

             (c)  acoustics and physics in relation to hearing and testing;

             (d)  the audiometer;

             (e)  hearing loss and audiogram interpretation;

              (f)  hearing disorders;

             (g)  testing hearing;

             (h)  practical aspects of audiogram interpretation;

              (i)  otoscopy;

              (j)  types and variations of hearing aids;

             (k)  ear molds;

              (l)  current trends in hearing aids;

            (m)  hearing aid modifications;

             (n)  practical aspects of hearing aids;

             (o)  the psychology of hearing impairment; and

             (p)  those other courses as prescribed by the board.

179/90 s9

Continuing education

        8. (1) All registered hearing aid dealers shall participate in at least 10 hours of continuing education programs offered by the board during each registration year in order to maintain his or her licensed status under the Act.

             (2)  Notwithstanding subsection (1), where a registered hearing aid dealer demonstrates to the satisfaction of the board that extenuating circumstances prevented him or her from complying with the requirements of that subsection, the board may excuse that person from the requirements imposed by that subsection for the registration year upon those terms and conditions that the board considers necessary.

179/90 s10

Hearing aid dealer in training

        9. In these regulations, "hearing aid dealer in training" means a person who

             (a)  has graduated from high school as certified by the Department of Education in the province or equivalent as approved by the board;

             (b)  satisfies the registrar that he or she

                      (i)  is enrolled as a student in the course of study of hearing aid dispensing approved by the board, and

                     (ii)  is pursuing in‑service training as a hearing aid dealer under the supervision of a licensed hearing aid dealer;

             (c)  has completed and filed with the board an application for a hearing aid dealer in training prescribed by the board; and

             (d)  has paid the prescribed fee for a hearing aid dealer in training.

179/90 s2

Display of certificate

     10. A hearing aid dealer and a hearing aid dealer in training shall prominently display a certificate evidencing his or her status issued by the board at the office at which he or she practises.

179/90 s11

Duplicate certificate

     11. For the purposes of section 10, a duplicate certificate evidencing the status of a hearing aid dealer or a hearing aid dealer in training shall be issued by the registrar upon payment of the prescribed fee to a person who practises in more than one office.

179/90 s12


     12. The board shall conduct or cause to be conducted examinations for the registration of hearing aid dealers at least once each year consisting of a written examination, oral examination and practical examination at those times and places that the board prescribes.

179/90 s13

Registration examination required

     13. Subject to these regulations, the following persons shall be required to write the examination for registration:

             (a)  a person who has successfully completed an approved course of study in relation to hearing aid dispensing;

             (b)  a person who has satisfied the board of successful completion of a program of education outside of the province equivalent to an approved hearing aid dispensing program in the province and who has not written the registering examination as specified by the board; and

             (c)  a person approved by the board to write the examination.

179/90 s14

Fee required

     14. A candidate shall not be entitled to write the examination set by the board until the candidate has paid the prescribed examination fee in full.

179/90 s15


     15. (1) The

             (a)  initial application fee;

             (b)  annual fee for hearing aid dealer;

             (c)  annual fee for hearing aid dealer in training; and

             (d)  renewal fee for expired registration for each year or part year which has elapsed since the expiration of the licence,

shall be prescribed by the board.

             (2)  For the purpose of subsection (1), the initial registration fee shall be deducted from the annual fee paid to that person under that section.

179/90 ss16&17

Dealer's licence

     16. The application form for a hearing aid dealer's licence to be submitted to the board shall be in a form prescribed by the board.

179/90 s18

Dealer in training licence

     17. The application form for a licence to practise as a hearing aid dealer in training to be submitted to the board shall be in a form prescribed by the board.

179/90 s19


      18. The Hearing Aid Dealers Regulations, 1990, Newfoundland Regulation 179/90, are repealed.