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Revised Statutes of Newfoundland 1990




1. Short title

2. Formation of agricultural societies

3. Registration

4. Incorporation

5. Regulations

6. By-laws

7. Winding-up

8. Powers and duties

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Agricultural Societies Act.

RSN1970 c7 s1

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Formation of agricultural societies

2. (1) Nine or more persons wishing to form an agricultural society may apply in writing to the Minister of Forestry and Agriculture for registration.

(2) In this Act "minister" means the Minister of Forestry and Agriculture.

RSN1970 c7 s2; 1973 No37 Sch; 1979 c49 Sch B; 1989 c18 Sch B

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3. (1) On receipt of the application the minister may register it in a book to be kept in the Department of Forestry and Agriculture and called the Register of Agricultural Societies, by the name of the society, which name must be approved by the minister, who may issue a certificate of registration to the applicants.

(2) Two or more agricultural societies registered under subsection (1), 2 or more co-operative societies registered under the Co-operative Societies Act, which have as their main object the development of agriculture, stock-raising or poultry-keeping, or a combination of 1 or more agricultural societies and 1 or more co-operative societies may with the consent of the minister be registered under a name approved by the minister in the register and upon registration under this subsection the minister may issue a certificate of registration in respect of an application and this Act applies to an aggregation of societies registered as if it were an agricultural society registered under subsection (1), and an aggregation is empowered and obliged to further the aims of its member societies.

RSN1970 c7 s3; 1973 No37 Sch; 1979 c49 Sch B; 1989 c18 Sch B

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4. Upon registration under section 2 the society shall be considered to become a corporation having the right

(a) to hold property;

(b) to enter into contracts;

(c) to sue and be sued in a court; and

(d) to borrow money, subject to the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

RSN1970 c7 s4

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5. The minister may make regulations prescribing

(a) terms and conditions upon which societies may be formed or may continue in existence;

(b) minimum rates of membership fees or other charges upon members; and

(c) rules for the conduct of the business of societies and for reports in writing that he or she may require.

RSN1970 c7 s5

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6. A society shall be at liberty to make and establish by-laws and rules for the conduct of its own business, subject to the approval of the minister.

RSN1970 c7 s6

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7. A society may be wound up and struck off the register

(a) upon its own application and with the approval of the minister; or

(b) by order of the minister, for the causes that he or she may think appropriate,

and in either case the minister shall appoint a liquidator who shall proceed to wind up the society, having regard to the rights and interests of creditors or others under the existing law.

RSN1970 c7 s7

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Powers and duties

8. It shall be the power and duty of an agricultural society to encourage the development of agriculture or stock-raising or poultry-keeping in its locality by the introduction of breeding stock, by making loans or advances of money, implements, seeds or stock, by carrying on agricultural education and propaganda and by other methods that the minister may approve or recommend.

RSN1970 c7 s8

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