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Revised Statutes of Newfoundland 1990




1. Short title

2. Corporation continued

3. Constitution of corporation

4. Seal

5. Powers of corporation

6. Salaries of members

7. Staff

8. Report to Lieutenant- Governor in Council

9. Monthly report

10. Loans

11. Regulations

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Farm Products Corporation Act.

1963 No62 s1

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Corporation continued

2. The corporation called the Newfoundland Farm Products Corporation, under the general supervision of the Minister of Forestry and Agriculture, is continued.

1963 No62 s2; 1973 No37 Sch; 1979 c49 Sch B; 1989 c18 Sch B

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Constitution of corporation

3. (1) The corporation shall consist of not fewer than 5 nor more than 9 members to be appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

(2) The Lieutenant-Governor in Council shall designate 1 member to be chairperson.

(3) The members of the corporation, with the exception of the chairperson, shall be appointed for 1 year and are eligible for reappointment.

(4) A member of the board holds office during good behaviour and may be removed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

(5) Where a vacancy occurs in the corporation by reason of the death, resignation, removal or permanently incapacitating illness of a member, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may appoint a person to replace the member.

(6) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to prevent the Lieutenant-Governor in Council from appointing a member of the corporation to be a member of another corporation, board, committee or other governmental organization.

(7) A majority of the members of the corporation constitute a quorum.

1963 No62 s3; 1984 c18 s8

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4. The corporation shall have a common seal.

1963 No62 s4

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Powers of corporation

5. (1) The corporation shall have power to take and hold lands and tenements, moveable or immoveable property, money and things of value.

(2) The corporation may purchase and sell, lease, alienate, dispose of or convert its property or assets and acquire assets in their place for its purposes.

(3) The corporation may borrow and lend money for its purpose.

(4) The corporation may under its name contract and treat, sue and be sued in all courts of law and places in the province.

(5) The corporation may establish abattoirs, cold storage plants, warehouses, packing and processing plants and other buildings and establishments of every kind necessary and suitable for the handling, preparation, processing and storage of farm products of every kind both animal and vegetable.

(6) The corporation may make advances of livestock to farmers and livestock keepers, either for cash or on credit.

(7) The corporation may employ instructors to instruct farmers and livestock keepers.

(8) The corporation may purchase, store, process, pack and sell farm products of every kind.

(9) The corporation may handle, store and sell or advance on credit animal feeding stuffs of every kind.

(10) The corporation may enter into contracts with private organizations whether of farmers or otherwise to operate and manage an abattoir, cold storage plant, warehouse, processing plant or other facility for the handling, processing, storage and marketing of farm products.

1963 No62 s4

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Salaries of members

6. The Lieutenant-Governor in Council shall fix the salaries and other terms and conditions of employment of all the members of the corporation, which salaries shall be payable out of the funds of the corporation.

1963 No62 s5

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7. The corporation has power to employ the staff required for the conduct of its operations and to establish the terms and conditions of their employment.

1963 No62 s6

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Report to Lieutenant-Governor in Council

8. (1) The corporation shall prepare and submit annually to the minister a report of its operations and all its accounts shall be subject to the supervision of the auditor general who shall report annually on its affairs to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

(2) The accounts and reports of the corporation together with the report of the auditor general shall be laid before the Legislature within 15 days after they are submitted to the minister if the Legislature is then sitting, and, if not, then within 15 days after the commencement of the next session.

1963 No62 s7

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Monthly report

9. The corporation shall report monthly on its operations and business to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council through the Minister of Forestry and Agriculture or in the form that the minister may prescribe.

1963 No62 s8; 1973 No37 Sch; 1979 c49 Sch D; 1989 c18 Sch B

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10. (1) The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may lend money to the corporation for its purposes.

(2) The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may in the case of a loan specify for what purposes and upon what general conditions it may be used by the corporation.

1963 No62 s9

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11. The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may make regulations

(a) prescribing the purposes for which funds received by the corporation may be used;

(b) establishing the policy of the corporation in the purchasing, storing, processing, handling and selling of farm products of every kind, the handling, storing and selling whether for cash or credit of animal feeding stuffs of every kind and advances of livestock to farmers and livestock keepers either for cash or on credit; and

(c) in regard to the operations of the corporation as provided for in the Act.

1963 No62 s10

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