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Revised Statutes of Newfoundland 1990




1. Short title

2. Jurisdiction of the court

3. Court sittings

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Federal Courts Jurisdiction Act.

RSN1970 c127 s1

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Jurisdiction of the court

2. The Supreme Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Canada, or the Supreme Court of Canada alone, according to the provisions of the Supreme Court Act (Canada) and the Federal Court Act (Canada) have jurisdiction in a

(a) controversy between Canada and the province;

(b) controversy between the province and another province of Canada that has passed an Act similar to this Act; and

(c) suit, action or proceeding in which the parties by their pleadings have raised the question of the validity of an Act of the Parliament of Canada or of an Act of the Legislature of the province, where a judge of the court in which the suit, action or proceeding is pending decides that the question is material, and where he or she so decides the judge shall, at the request of the parties, and may, without such a request, order the case to be removed to the Supreme Court of Canada so that the question may be decided.

RSN1970 c127 s2; 1977 c46 s3

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Court sittings

3. In case sittings of the Supreme Court of Canada or of the Federal Court of Canada or of a judge of either court are appointed to be held in a place in the province in which a court house is situate, the court or judge has in all respects the same authority as a judge of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland in regard to the use of the court house and other buildings or apartments set apart in that place for the administration of justice.

RSN1970 c127 s3; 1977 c46 s3

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