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Revised Statutes of Newfoundland 1990




1. Short title

2. Definitions

3. Grants to university graduates

4. Selection committee

5. Regulations

6. Payments

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Pickersgill Fellowship Act.

1968 No7 s1

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2. In this Act

(a) "minister" means the Minister of Education or another minister of the Crown appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council to administer this Act;

(b) "selection committee" means the selection committee continued by section 4; and

(c) "university" means the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

1968 No7 s2; 1973 No35 Sch

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Grants to university graduates

3. (1) The minister may award annually to a graduate of the university a grant of $4,000 to enable the graduate to pursue his or her studies on a pre-doctorate level in history or political science.

(2) The studies referred to in subsection (1) may, subject to the approval of the selection committee, be pursued at any university in the world.

(3) A grant is, in respect of a person to whom it has been initially awarded, renewable for a 1 year term and afterwards for a further 1 year term, each renewal of grant being in the same amount, and, subject to subsection (4), upon the same conditions as the original grant to that person.

(4) There shall be no renewal of a grant other than the 2 renewals referred to in subsection (3).

(5) A renewal of a grant is in addition to the annual award referred to in subsection (1).

(6) The grant referred to in subsection (1) and a renewal referred to in subsection (3) shall each be paid in 2 equal instalments upon the approval of the instalment by the selection committee and upon the selection committee being satisfied that progress acceptable to it has been made by the person to whom the payment is to be made.

(7) The grant referred to in subsection (1) and a renewal of the grant shall be known as the J. W. Pickersgill Fellowship.

1968 No7 s4

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Selection committee

4. (1) The selection committee known as the J. W. Pickersgill Fellowship Selection Committee is continued under this Act.

(2) The membership of the selection committee shall be comprised of 3 members who shall be

(a) the Dean of the Faculty of Arts;

(b) the Head of the Department of History; and

(c) the Head of the Department of Political Science

at the university.

(3) Where any 2 of the positions referred to in subsection (2) are held by the same person, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council shall appoint another person to the selection committee, to carry out the duties of the selection committee with the person holding those 2 positions and the other member of the selection committee, that appointed person to hold only until those 2 positions cease to be held by the same person, whereupon the provisions of this section other than this subsection shall become again applicable.

(4) The Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the university shall be the chairperson of the selection committee.

(5) The members of the selection committee shall serve without remuneration.

1968 No7 s5

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5. Subject to the approval of the minister, the selection committee may make regulations

(a) prescribing the manner of making application for the grant or a renewal of the grant referred to in section 3, the evidence to be furnished, including evidence under oath or affirmation, in connection with the application and the manner of approval of the application;

(b) prescribing qualifications, terms and conditions to be filled, met and fulfilled by a graduate referred to in section 3 before that graduate may receive the grant or a renewal of the grant referred to in that section;

(c) prescribing the circumstances under which the payments referred to in this Act or a portion of the payments may be withheld from award, suspended, cancelled or forfeited and the disposition of the payment so withheld, suspended, cancelled or forfeited;

(d) respecting the making of investigations as to the eligibility of a person to or in respect of a payment under this Act and as to the use made of the payment, providing for the suspension of that payment during an investigation and for the reinstatement or resumption of payment after suspension and providing for the designation of persons as investigators and prescribing their powers and duties;

(e) prescribing the purpose for which a payment authorized by this Act is to be used;

(f) prescribing the manner of and time when payments authorized by this Act are to be made;

(g) prescribing forms for use under this Act and the regulations; and

(h) respecting any matter, whether of any of the foregoing kinds or not, necessary or advisable to carry out effectively the intent and purpose of this Act.

1968 No7 s5

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6. Payments required to be made by the minister under this Act shall be paid by the Minister of Finance out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

1968 No7 s6; 1973 No35 Sch

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