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Revised Statutes of Newfoundland 1990




1. Short title

2. Definitions

3. Director of Public Examinations

4. Specific regulations

5. General regulations

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Public Examinations Act.

RSN1970 c101 s1

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2. In this Act

(a) "advisory committee" means the general advisory committee constituted by section 24 of the Department of Education Act;

(b) "department" means the Department of Education;

(c) "director" means the Director of Public Examinations in the department; and

(d) "minister" means the Minister of Education.

RSN1970 c101 s2; 1973 No35 Sch

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Director of Public Examinations

3. (1) The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may appoint a Director of Public Examinations, prescribe his or her duties and fix his or her salary.

(2) The director shall, under the direction of the minister, administer within the department all matters relating to public examinations in the province.

RSN1970 c101 s3

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Specific regulations

4. On the recommendation of the advisory committee, the minister may make regulations with respect to

(a) the manner in which public examinations are to be held;

(b) the times within which and the places at which public examinations are to be held;

(c) the subjects upon which public examinations are to be written;

(d) the diplomas and prizes which may be awarded by the department in respect of public examinations and the persons to whom and the manner in which they may be awarded; and

(e) the appointment of examiners and other persons to conduct public examinations.

RSN1970 c101 s4

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General regulations

5. Subject to the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, the minister may make regulations

(a) fixing the remuneration of examiners and other persons appointed to conduct public examinations;

(b) setting entrance fees to be paid by those taking public examinations; and

(c) generally, to give effect to the purpose of this Act.

RSN1970 c101 s5

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