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Revised Statutes of Newfoundland 1990




1. Short title

2. Definitions

3. Federation

4. Objects of the federation

5. Powers of the federation

6. Board of directors

7. Meetings of federation

8. Quorum

9. Officers

10. Powers of board

11. Executive secretary

12. Corporate seal

13. By-laws

14. Financial year

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Sports Federation Act.

1972 No57 s1

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2. In this Act

(a) "active member" means an active member under section 3 and includes a person considered to be an active member under subsection 6(1);

(b) "board" means the board of directors of the federation;

(c) "by-laws" means by-laws made under this Act, and includes by-laws made under section 13;

(d) "federation" means the Newfoundland and Labrador Amateur Sports Federation; and

(e) "sports governing body" means a governing body referred to in subsection 3(3).

1972 No57 s2

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3. (1) The Newfoundland and Labrador Amateur Sports Federation is continued as a corporation.

(2) The federation is comprised of active members and other members.

(3) The governing body of each amateur sport organized and existing in the province and recognized by the board of directors may appoint a person to represent it and be an active member of the federation until his or her successor is appointed by the governing body.

(4) The governing body may appoint an alternate to the active member appointed by it under subsection (3) who for the purposes of voting at meetings of the federation in the absence of the active member, but for no other purpose, may act in the place of the active member.

1972 No11 s2; 1972 No57 s3

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Objects of the federation

4. (1) The objects of the federation are to

(a) promote the physical, intellectual and moral development of the people of the province through participation in amateur sports;

(b) act as a forum for the exchange of members' views;

(c) act as a liaison with municipal, provincial and federal governments and government agencies and bring before those governments and government agencies the recommendations that are approved by the federation;

(d) support and correlate the administration and efforts of sports governing bodies in the province and advance the development of the administration of amateur sport and physical recreation;

(e) stimulate interests in amateur sport and encourage and support multi-sport competition in the province;

(f) encourage and support sports governing bodies in the province for the purpose of increasing participation in amateur sport and encourage development of competitive excellence;

(g) assist in the organization, development and implementation of amateur sports programs through its members;

(h) arbitrate disputes where requested by a member;

(i) provide trophies or awards or other means of recognition for the encouragement of amateur sports events;

(j) act as the organizing body, when called upon, for the Newfoundland Winter and Summer Games and for the province's participation in the Canada Winter and Summer Games;

(k) establish and operate a sports news publication with a view to greater communication among its members and otherwise promote better public relations;

(l) provide a system of certificates for a certification program for coaches and officials based on the requirements or standards of each sport;

(m) provide a secretarial and administrative service for its members;

(n) extend financial assistance by way of loans, grants or guarantees for a member, or a governing body which is represented by a member;

(o) promote, operate and conduct or help in the promotion and operation of training centres, workshops, seminars and courses of instruction for all amateur sports;

(p) provide for the recognition in achievement in respect of fitness or amateur sport, by the award of citations, certificates, trophies, or other symbols of merit; and

(q) encourage and support the development of recreational, sport and athletic facilities and give advisory services to its members in that regard.

(2) The federation shall be administered and operated, in respect of its members, on a non-profit financial basis.

1972 No57 s4

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Powers of the federation

5. The federation is authorized and empowered to

(a) conduct financial campaigns and otherwise raise funds from all possible sources and by all lawful means for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the federation;

(b) apply to the federal, provincial and municipal governments for grants for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the federation and otherwise to allocate those grants or funds among sports governing bodies in the province;

(c) purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire real or personal property which may be considered necessary or convenient for the purpose of the federation and sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of or otherwise deal with all or a part of the real and personal property of the federation;

(d) borrow and raise money in the manner that the federation may think appropriate and borrow money for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the federation and give security for money so borrowed on the real, personal or mixed property of the federation by way of mortgage, pledge, charge or otherwise;

(e) invest the money of the federation not immediately required for its purposes in or upon the investments, securities or property that may be thought appropriate, subject nevertheless to those conditions and those consents that may be imposed or required by law;

(f) establish or support the establishment of another association formed for the objects of this federation;

(g) affiliate with or become a member of an organization, institution, society, association, national or international federation or body having objects altogether or in part similar to those of the federation;

(h) draw, make, accept, endorse, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading, warrants or other negotiable or transferable instruments;

(i) enter into those agreements on behalf of the federation with a person or association of persons that may be necessary for or incidental or conducive to the carrying out of the matters referred to in this section; and

(j) do all other things that may be necessary for exercising the powers referred to in this section.

1972 No57 s5

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Board of directors

6. (1) The board of directors of the federation is continued and shall consist of

(a) the officers referred to in section 9; and

(b) elected directors

(i) of the number,

(ii) having the qualifications, and

(iii) not having the disqualifications,

that may be prescribed in the by-laws,

and an officer or director who is not otherwise an active member shall, while an officer or director, be considered to be an active member for the purposes of subsection 3(2) and the other provisions of this Act.

(2) The members of the board shall, in the manner prescribed in the by-laws, be elected at the annual general meeting of the federation and shall hold office until the next annual general meeting of the federation.

(3) Members of the board are eligible for re-election.

(4) Where a member of the board stops being a member before his or her elected term expires, the vacancy shall be filled by election made by the remaining members of the board.

(5) A person elected, under subsection (4), to fill a vacancy in the membership of the board shall serve only for the remainder of the then current period, but the person is eligible for re-election.

(6) The board shall convene at the call of the president elected under section 9 or otherwise as prescribed by the by-laws.

1972 No57 s6

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Meetings of federation

7. The federation shall, unless the time and place is fixed by the by-laws, hold an annual general meeting and a fall general meeting at the time and place that may be fixed by the board and those special general meetings that the president or, in the president's absence, the first vice-president, in his or her discretion may convene, and, upon the written request of 10 active members, or other number of active members that the by-laws may provide, of the federation to convene a special general meeting, the secretary shall immediately convene such a meeting.

1972 No57 s7

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8. The quorum for a meeting of the federation shall be as prescribed by the by-laws.

1972 No57 s8

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9. (1) The federation, at its annual general meeting, shall elect

(a) a president;

(b) a first vice-president;

(c) a second vice-president;

(d) a third vice-president;

(e) a secretary;

(f) a treasurer; and

(g) those other officers that the by-laws may prescribe,

having the qualifications and not having the disqualifications, that may be prescribed in the by-laws, and the officers shall hold office until their successors are elected but are eligible for re-election.

(2) Different qualifications and disqualifications may be prescribed for different officers of the federation.

(3) Only active members in good standing, and from whom no money is owing to the federation, may vote at meetings of the federation, and there shall be no voting by proxy.

(4) The duties of the officers of the federation shall be prescribed by the by-laws of the federation.

1972 No57 s9

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Powers of board

10. The management of the business and affairs of the federation are vested in the board and the board

(a) may suspend or terminate membership of a member for just cause;

(b) may act notwithstanding a vacancy in its membership;

(c) subject to by-laws made by the federation in general meeting, may make those rules and regulations that they consider necessary for carrying out the objects of the federation and for better defining the duties of its officers and its directors and agents, employees and committees and may alter, amend or repeal the rules and regulations;

(d) shall consider all applications for membership and shall have authority to accept or reject them and otherwise to specify the category of membership;

(e) may appoint an executive secretary as provided for by section 11;

(f) may establish those standing committees or special committees that in its sole discretion it considers advisable and may delegate to the committees those of its powers, duties and functions that it shall consider necessary, and the board shall specify the terms of reference for the committee, provided that membership on the committee shall not be restricted to the members of the board;

(g) is authorized and empowered to delegate to the president or to a committee of the board those of its powers, duties and functions that in its sole discretion it shall decide, for purposes of the management of the business and the affairs of the board between meetings of the board;

(h) may determine who shall be entitled to exercise the borrowing powers of the federation and sign and execute, on the federation's behalf, bonds, debentures, mortgages, and all other similar securities, bills, notes, receipts, acceptances, assignments, transfers and hypothecations;

(i) may purchase or otherwise acquire on behalf of the federation property rights or things which the federation may purchase or acquire;

(j) may appoint, remove or suspend the employees of the federation and direct and control them and fix and pay their remuneration;

(k) may enter into negotiations and agreements or contracts in relation to the business of the federation, preliminary, conditional or final and carry out, give effect to, modify, vary or rescind them;

(l) may appoint agents and attorneys for the federation in the province and elsewhere with those powers that may be thought appropriate;

(m) may pay a pension, gratuity or compensation to an employee of the federation or his or her surviving spouse or children that may appear to be just whether the employee, surviving spouse or children have or have not a legal claim upon the federation and to establish benefit funds for and insure the lives of the employees of the federation;

(n) may give receipts, releases and discharges on behalf of the federation;

(o) may deal, invest and with the money of the federation not immediately required for the purpose of its affairs in and upon the shares, securities and investments that they may think appropriate and vary the investments or realize the amount invested; and

(p) may at their discretion raise or borrow or secure the payment of a sum of money for the purposes of the federation and raise or secure the repayment of the money in the manner and upon the terms and conditions in all respects that they think appropriate and in particular by giving mortgages upon or by the issue of debenture, bonds, or other securities charged upon all or a part of the undertaking, properties and rights of the federation both present and future, or by making, accepting, endorsing or executing promissory notes, bills of exchange, or hypothecation.

1972 No57 s10

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Executive secretary

11. (1) The board may appoint an executive secretary and other personnel that they consider necessary to carry out the objects of the federation, and the board shall determine the conditions of employment and the salary or remuneration to be paid to the executive secretary and other personnel.

(2) The board shall determine the duties of the executive secretary and other personnel.

(3) The board may by resolution approved by a majority of not less than 2/3 of the members present at a convened meeting of the board, remove the executive secretary from office.

(4) The board may by resolution confer upon the executive secretary all or some of those powers exercisable under this Act by the board that they think appropriate, and may confer the powers for the time and to be exercised for the objects and purposes and upon the terms and conditions and with the restrictions that they think expedient, and they may confer those powers either collateral with or to the exclusion of and in substitution for the powers of directors in that behalf and may from time to time revoke, withdraw, alter or vary the powers.

1972 No57 s11

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Corporate seal

12. (1) The federation shall have a corporate seal on which the words "Newfoundland and Labrador Amateur Sports federation" shall be endorsed.

(2) The board shall provide for the safe custody of the seal, and the seal shall not be used except under the authority of the board or of a committee of the board and in the presence of at least 2 officers of the federation, who shall sign every instrument to which the seal is affixed.

(3) Deeds, bonds and other instruments under the seal of the federation and signed by at least 2 officers of the federation shall be considered to be executed.

1972 No57 s12

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13. (1) The federation may make and amend by-laws respecting

(a) matters referred to in section 5;

(b) designating classes of federation members other than active members and prescribing qualifications and disqualifications and manner of admission in respect of the members and in respect of active members;

(c) prescribing or authorizing the board to prescribe fees for membership in the federation, and different fees may be prescribed with respect to different classes of members and some classes of members may not be required to pay fees;

(d) termination or suspension of an officer or director or of membership in the federation, with or without refund of fees or partial refund, as the by-laws may prescribe;

(e) time for payment of fees referred to in paragraph (c);

(f) a register of members;

(g) the government and discipline of federation members;

(h) remission of membership fees or a part of them;

(i) the election, and qualifications and disqualifications for election, of members of the board and its officers;

(j) the procedure at and for calling meetings of the federation and the board, the notice for calling meetings and their number, kind, time and place;

(k) the provision of alternate members to members representing sports governing bodies and how those members and alternate members are to be accredited for voting and other purposes;

(l) attendance of observers and consultants at meetings of the federation and of the board;

(m) qualifications for voting at meetings of the federation or the board, provided that only active members shall be entitled to so vote;

(n) respecting officers and their duties;

(o) generally respecting the federation and the board, their membership, quorum, notices, procedure, powers, meetings and termination of membership;

(p) the establishment and functions of committees;

(q) the setting of travelling allowances for members of the board and officers of the federation;

(r) the safe keeping and protection of the assets and funds of the federation;

(s) the regulation, conduct, management, preservation and control of its properties, revenues, expenditures, business, interests and affairs;

(t) the entering into agreements and contracts by it with a person; and

(u) generally, to give effect to the purpose of this Act.

(2) As between the federation members, the decision of the board on the construction and interpretation of the by-laws is final.

(3) Repeal or amendment of the by-laws of the federation, or a part of the by-laws, shall only be made at the annual general meeting of the federation, and where notice of the proposed repeal or amendment has been given to the secretary of the federation at least 3 weeks before the date fixed for the annual general meeting, and only active members may propose a repeal or amendment.

(4) A copy of a proposed repeal or amendment shall be forwarded by the secretary of the federation to members of the board and to other active members of the federation within 1 week after its receipt by the secretary.

(5) A repeal or amendment shall only be effected by a 2/3 majority of those active members who are present and vote at the annual general meeting.

1972 No57 s13

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Financial year

14. The financial year of the federation shall be as prescribed by the by-laws.

1972 No57 s15

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