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Revised Statutes of Newfoundland 1990




1. Short title

2. Definitions

3. Purpose of Act

4. Council

5. Membership

6. Term of office and chairperson

7. Vacancy

8. Expenses

9. Duties of council

10. Powers of council

11. Agreements

12. Staff

13. Financial year

14. Annual budget

15. Revised budget

16. Effect of budget

17. Financial statement

18. Audits

19. Interim audits

20. Regulations

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Youth Advisory Council Act.

1981 c18 s1

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2. In this Act

(a) "council" means the Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Advisory Council referred to in section 4;

(b) "department" means the Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs;

(c) "executive secretary" means the executive secretary referred to in section 12; and

(d) "minister" means the Minister of Municipal and Provincial Affairs.

1981 c18 s2; 1989 c30 Sch B

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Purpose of Act

3. The purpose of this Act is to establish an advisory council for the province to encourage, promote, establish, develop, coordinate and implement programs that

(a) provide a forum for youth expression on matters relating to the participation of youth in society;

(b) provide the opportunity for dialogue and exchange among youth and between youth and government; and

(c) research and investigate matters relating to youth.

1981 c18 s3

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4. The Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Advisory Council is continued as a corporation.

1981 c18 s4

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5. (1) The council shall consist of 13 members

(a) 9 of whom shall be elected on a regional basis so long as at the time of election they are at least 14 years of age but not older than 24 years of age;

(b) 3 of whom shall be appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the 9 members elected under paragraph (a), so long as at the time of appointment they are older than 24 years of age; and

(c) notwithstanding subsection 6(1), the immediate past chairperson of the council.

(2) The manner and conduct of the elections for the purposes of paragraph (1)(a) and the qualifications of the electors and candidates shall be prescribed by regulation.

1981 c18 s5; 1985 c26 s1

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Term of office and chairperson

6. (1) A member may be elected or appointed for a term of 2 years and is eligible for re-election or reappointment for 1 further term not exceeding 2 years.

(2) The members of the council shall select 1 member to be chairperson and another to be vice-chairperson of the council.

1981 c18 s6

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7. (1) Where a member of the council is unable to perform the duties of his or her office because of absence or incapacity the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may appoint a temporary substitute member upon the terms and conditions that may be prescribed by regulation.

(2) A vacancy in the council does not impair the right of the remaining members to act.

1981 c18 s7

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8. (1) The council may receive the money that may be appropriated to it by the Legislature.

(2) A member of the council shall serve without remuneration, other than travelling and other out-of-pocket expenses that may be incurred by him or her in discharging the duties of a member of the council.

1981 c18 s8

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Duties of council

9. The council shall

(a) research and investigate matters relating to youth and youth programs that it may feel are appropriate or that the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may by order prescribe;

(b) advise the minister with respect to the views, attitudes, and requirements of the youth of the province;

(c) recommend to the minister suitable programs and policies which reflect the views of youth; and

(d) act as an agency of communication between government and youth.

1981 c18 s9

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Powers of council

10. The council may

(a) promote, operate and conduct or help in the promotion and operation of workshops, seminars, courses of instruction, conferences and related activities;

(b) inquire into, initiate, promote, supervise, help or implement a proposal, request, activity, program or undertaking associated or connected with the purpose of this Act;

(c) help, co-operate with or enlist the help of persons interested in furthering the purpose of this Act;

(d) undertake or help in surveys, research and investigation, arrange public meetings, prepare and distribute information and promote publicity campaigns; and

(e) incur those expenditures or do other things or exercise other powers that are necessary or desirable for carrying out the purpose of this Act.

1981 c18 s10

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11. The council may

(a) enter into agreements with the Government of Canada or an agency of the Government of Canada providing for the payment to the council of contributions in respect of the cost of projects or programs undertaken by the council in carrying out the purpose of this Act;

(b) enter into agreements for promotion of the purpose of this Act including agreements with educational institutions, municipalities, organizations, groups or individuals; and

(c) enter into agreements for which no specific provision is made elsewhere in this Act but that the council considers necessary or desirable to enable the council to exercise or discharge its powers or duties.

1981 c18 s11

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12. (1) There may be employed through the department in the manner provided by law

(a) an executive secretary of the council; and

(b) those employees that are considered necessary by the council for the purpose of this Act.

(2) The executive secretary shall supervise and direct the work of the council and be a non-voting member of the council.

1981 c18 s12

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Financial year

13. The financial year of the council is from April 1 in a year to March 31 in the following year.

1981 c18 s13

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Annual budget

14. (1) Not later than December 31 in each year the council shall prepare, adopt and submit to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council through the minister a budget containing estimates of amounts required during the coming financial year.

(2) In each budget prepared under subsection (1), there is to be set out, in the detail and form that the minister may prescribe, the estimated revenue and expenditures of the council in respect of the financial year for which the budget is prepared.

(3) The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may approve or alter a budget submitted to him or her by the council.

1981 c18 s14

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Revised budget

15. Where in a financial year it appears that the actual revenue or expenditure of the council is likely to be substantially greater or less than estimated in its budget, the council may, and where required by the minister shall, submit to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council through the minister a revised budget together with the particulars of actual revenues and expenditures up to the date of the submission.

1981 c18 s15

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Effect of budget

16. Except with the prior approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, the council shall not in a year incur, enter upon, contract or become liable for an expenditure or indebtedness beyond or in excess of the estimated amount of expenditure set out in the approved budget.

1981 c18 s16

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Financial statement

17. (1) The council shall, not later than December 31 in a year, prepare and submit to the minister a financial statement setting out

(a) the assets and liabilities of the council; and

(b) the revenue and expenditure of the council for the previous financial year,

together with a report outlining the work of the council during the previous financial year.

(2) The financial statement and report shall be signed by the chairperson and 1 other member.

(3) The financial statement shall be certified by the auditor general and shall have attached to it a report on it that the auditor general has made to the council.

(4) The financial statement and report shall be laid by the minister before the House of Assembly within 15 days after it has been submitted to the minister or, if the House of Assembly is not then sitting, during the first 15 days of the next session.

1981 c18 s17

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18. The auditor general shall audit the accounts of the council and may call for and shall be supplied by the council with the books and vouchers that he or she considers necessary in order to prepare the audit.

1981 c18 s18

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Interim audits

19. When the auditor general makes an interim examination of the accounts of the council he or she shall submit a report to the chairperson and the minister.

1981 c18 s19

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20. The council, with the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, may by regulations

(a) establish the time, place and manner of the elections referred to in section 5;

(b) prescribe the qualifications of the electors and candidates in the elections; and

(c) divide the province into regions for the purpose of the elections referred to in section 5.

1981 c18 s20

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