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Consolidation, etc. proceeding

18.01. Where two or more proceedings are pending in the Court and it appears to the Court that

(a) some common question of law or fact arises in both or all of them;

(b) the right to relief claimed therein are in respect of or arise out of the same transaction or series of transactions; or

(c) for some other reason it is desirable to make an order under this rule,

the Court may order the proceedings to be consolidated on such terms as it thinks just, or may order them to be tried at the same time, or one immediately after another, or may order any of them to be stayed until after the determination of any other of them.

1986 c42 Sch D rule 18.01

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Separate trials or hearings in a proceeding

18.02. When 2 or more causes of actions or parties are joined in a proceeding, the Court may order separate trials under rule 40.11 or separate hearings under rule 29.14.

111/10 s4