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Table of Public Statutes


Act Name
Amendments, etc .
Highway Traffic Act RSNL1990  H-3 s2, 1995 c18 s1;1998 c16 s1;l998
c21 s1;1999 c40 s1;
2002 c11 s1;2004 c18 s1;
2005 c46 s1;2006 c23 s1;
2008 c57 s1;2009 c9 s1;
2013 c15 s1;2016 c51 s1;
2017 c28 s1
s4, R&S 2000 c26 s1
s5, R&S 1998 c21 s2
s6, 1994 c18 s1
s9, 2004 c27 s20
s10, 1998 c21 s3;2009 c9 s2
s11, 1996 cT-0.01 s16(1);1998 c21 s4;
2006 c23 s2;2009 c9 s3
s12, R&S 2009 c9 s4
s13.1, added 1993 c32 s14;R&S 2009
cR-15.01 s117
s16, 1996 cT-0.01 s16(2);1998 c21 s5;
2006 c23 s3;2009 c9 s5;
2009 cR-15.01 s117
s16.1, added 1995 cP-31.1
s53(8);1997 c13 s29;2005 c25 s1
s16.2, added 2006 c13 s3
s16.3, added 2006 c13 s3
s16.4, added 2006 c13 s3
s20, 2009 c9 s6
s23, 2009 c9 s7
s28, 2009 c9 s8
s30, R&S 2009 c9 s9
s34, R&S 2009 c9 s10
s35, 1998 c21 s6
s41, 1994 c18 s2;2009 c9 s11
s42, 1992 c50 s1;1994 c18 s3;1995
c18 s2
s42.1, added 2000 c26 s2
s43, 1995 c18 s3;2000 c26 s3;
2006 c54 s1;R&S 2012 c17 s1
s45, 1998 c21 s7;2006 c23 s4;2009 c9
s46, 2009 c9 s13
s47, 2006 c23 s5
s48, 1994 c18 s4;1995 c18 s4;1995
cP-31.1 s53(9);1997 c13 s29;
1998 c16 s2;1998 c21 s8;
2009 c9 s14;
2009 cR-15.01 s117
s49, 1994 c18 s5;1998 c16 s3;
2009 c9 s15;2010 c31 s8;
2011 c18 s1
s50, 1998 c16 s4;2009 c9 s16
s53, 1998 c16 s5
s55, R&S 1998 c16 s6;1998 c21 s9
s55.1, added 1998 c16 s6
s55.2, added 1998 c16 s6
s56, 2009 c9 s17
s57, 1998 c21 s10
s60.001 to 60.005, added 2018 c25 s1
s60.01, added 2011 c18 s2;2017 c4 s1
2018 c25 s2
s60.02, added 2011 c18 s2; Rep. by 2018 c25 s3
s60.03, added 2011 c18 s2;
R&S 2017 c4 s2;
2017 c28 s2; 2018 c25 s4
s60.04, added 2011 c18 s2;2017 c4 s3
2018 c25 s6
s60.1, added 1994 c18 s6;1995
c13 s7;1998 c16 s7;2002 c11
s2;2008 c57 s2;2010 c22 s1;
2010 c31 s8;R&S 2011 c18 s3
s60.2, added 1994 c18 s6;R&S 2010
c22 s2
s60.3, added 1994 c18 s6;1998 c16
s8;2011 c18 s4;2018 c25 s7
s60.4, added 1998 c16 s9;2002 c11
s3;2008 c57 s3;2010 c22 s3;
Rep. 2011 c18 s5
s60.5, added 1998 c16 s9;2002 c11
s4;2008 c57 s4;2010 c22 s4
2018 c25 s8
s60.6, added 2017 c28 s3;2018 c25 s9
s60.7, added 2017 c28 s3
s60.8, added 2017 c28 s3
s60.9, added 2017 c28 s3
s61, 1994 c18 s7;2000 c26 s4
s63, 1998 c16 s10
s64, 2000 c26 s5
s64.1, added 2006 cS-31.1 s82
s65, 1994 c18 s8;1997 c13 s29;2000
c26 s6;2002 c11 s5;2009 c9
s18;2016 c40 s1
s65.1, added 2002 c11 s6;Rep. 2009 c9
s66, Rep. 1994 c18 s9
s67, 1994 c18 s10;R&S 2000 c26 s7
s68, R&S 1994 c18 s11;R&S 2000
c26 s8;2012 c17 s2
s69, R&S 1994 c18 s11;1998 c21
s11;2000 c26 s9
s70, 1994 c18 s12
s71, 1994 c18 s13;1995 c18 s5;
2000 c26 s10;2005 c46 s2
s72, 1994 c18 s14
s73, 2000 c26 s11;2012 c17 s3
s73.1, added 2017 c4 s4
s75, 2004 c27 s21;2006 c54 s2;
2012 c17 s4; 2017 c28 s4
s75.1, added 2004 c27 s22;2017 c28 s5
s77, 2006 c23 s6
s79, 2009 c9 s20
s81, 2009 c9 s21;2016 c40 s2
s84, 1998 c21 s12
s84.1, added 2005 c46 s3;2013 c16 s25
ss85-93, Rep. 2005 c46 s4
s91, 1998 c16 s11
s93, 1998 c21 s13
s96, 2009 c9 s22
s100, 2014 c24 s1
s100.1, added 2014 c24 s2
s104, 1998 c21 s14
s106, 1992 c39 s6;1998 c21 s15
s107, 1998 c21 s16
s108, 1998 c21 s17
s110, 1998 c21 s18;2010 c22 s5;
2013 c15 s2;2017 c28 s6
s110.01, added 2017 c28 s7
s110.1, added 2008 c57 s5;2017 c28 s8
s110.2, added 2013 c15 s3;2017 c28 s9
s110.3, added 2017 c28 s9
s111.1, added 2013 c15 s4
s121.1, added 2013 c10 s1;
2017 c28 s11
s123, 1994 c28 s9;2013 c15 s5
s129, 2014 c28 s1
s137, c18 s6
s138, Rep. 2009 c9 s23
s143, 2013 c13 s6
s149, 1998 c21 s19
s154.1, added 2016 c51 s2
s162.1, added 2006 c23 s7
s163, R&S 1998 c21 s20
s168, 2017 c28 s12
s168.1, added 2017 c28 s13
s170, 1992 c50 s2;1994 c28 s28;
2013 c15 s6
s173.1, added 2009 c9 s24
s174, 1993 c37 s1;2004 c18 s2
s174.1, added 1992 c26 s1;2006 c23 s8;
R&S 2009 c9 s25;2012 cO-7.02
s174.2, added 1992 c26 s1;Rep. 2009
c9 s26
s175, 1992 c26 s2
s176.1, 2002 c12 s1;R&S 2010 c22 s6
s178, 1995 c18 s7;1996 cR-10.1
s35(1),(2),(3)&(4);2006 c23 s9;
2007 c23 s1;2009 c9 s27;
2013 c15 s7
s178.1, added 2007 c23 s2;2009 c9 s28
ss179-185, Rep. 1998 c21 s21
s186, 1996 cR-10.1 s35(5);1997 c13
s62;1998 c16 s12;1999 c40 s2;
2002 c11 s7;2004 c27 s23;
2006 c23 s10;2009 c9 s29;
2012 c17 s5;2017 c4 s5;
2017 c28 s14;2018 c25 s10
s187, 1998 c21 s22
s188, 1996 cR-10.1 s35(6)&(7)
s189, 1998 c21 s23;1999 c40 s3;
2002 c17 s1
ss189.1&189.2, added 1999 c40 s4
s190, 1993 c53 s13;1998 c21 s24
s191, 1998 c21 s25
s192, 1998 c21 s26
s193, 1998 c21 s27
s195, 1994 c18 s15;2006 c23 s11;
2008 c57 s6;2009 c9 s30;
2014 c28 s2
s195.1, added 1998 c21 s28;2006
c23 s12
s196, 1996 cR-10.1 s35(8);1998 c21
s197, 1998 c21 s30;2004 c18 s3
s198, 1995 cL-16.1 s30(3)(h)
s201, R&S 1999 c40 s5
s201.1, added 2010 c22 s7
s202, Rep. 2010 c22 s8
s202.1, added 1998 c21 s31;2004
c18 s4
s202.2, added 1998 c21 s31;2004
c18 s5
s202.3, added 2004 c18 s6
s204.1, added 2012 c17 s6
s205, 1999 c40 s6
s205.1, added 1998 c21 s32;2006
c23 s13
s207, R&S 2006 c54 s3;R&S 2012
c17 s7
s208, 1995 cP-31.1 s53(10)
s209, 2004 c18 s7
s210, 1995 c18 s8;2016 c13 s1;
2017 c28 s15
s212, 1995 cP-31.1 s53(11)
s213, 1994 c18 s16
Sch., 1992 c39 s6;1992 c50
s3;1993 c32 s14;1994 c18
s17;1995 c18 s9;1998 c16
s13;1998 c21 s33;2002 c12
s2;R&S 2004 c18 s8;2004 c27
s24;2006 c23 s14;2007 c23 s3;
2008 c57 s7;2009 c9 s31;
2012 c17 s8;2013 c10 s2;
2013 c15 s8;2014 c24 s3;
2014 c28 s3;2016 c13 s2;
2016 c31 s1;2016 c51 s3;
2017 c10 s15;2017 c18 s1;
2017 c28 s16
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