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First Session, 45th General Assembly
53 Elizabeth II, 2004


Interim Supply Act, 2004




Supplementary Supply Act, 2003-2004

* 1

Student Financial Assistance (Amendment) Act




Public Services Resumption and Continuation Act



3 Main Supply, 2004 4
28 Supplementary Supply Act, 2002-2003 5
29 Supplementary Supply Act, 2003-2004
No. 2
14 Loan and Guarantee (Amendment) Act, 1957 7
15 Local Authority Guarantee (Amendment) Act, 1957 8
6 Fire Prevention (Amendment) Act, 1991 9
8 Municipal Affairs (Amendment) Act 10
5 Emergency Measures (Amendment) Act 11
16 Financial Administration (Amendment) Act 12
9 Optometry Act, 2004
(To be proclaimed)
17 Centre for Health Information Act
(To be proclaimed)
11 Survival of Actions (Amendment) Act 13
4 Corporations (Amendment) Act 14
10 Services Charges (Amendment) Act
(To be proclaimed)
7 Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2000 16
22 Mineral (Amendment) Act
(Ss.2 & 6 to be proclaimed)
21 Highway Traffic (Amendment) Act 18
20 Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2000 No. 2 19
23 Memorial University Pensions (Amendment) Act 20
24 Provincial Court Judges' Pension Plan Act P-29.1
13 Tobacco Tax (Amendment) Act 21
19 Loan Act, 2004 22
25 Professional Fish Harvesters (Amendment) Act 23
27 Provincial Offences (Amendment) Act 24
31 Schools (Amendment) Act, 1997 25
* 26 Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining (Amendment) Act 26
30 Automobile Insurance (Amendment) Act, Insurance Companies (Amendment) Act and Highway Traffic (Amendment) Act (To be proclaimed) 27
32 Petroleum Products (Amendment) Act 28


44 Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement Act
(To be proclaimed)


51 Supplementary Supply Act, 2004-2005 29
67 Supplementary Supply Act, 2004-2005
No. 2
33 Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation (Amendment) Act 31
34 Veterinary Medical Act, 2004 V-4.1
* 42 College (Amendment) Act, 1996 and Memorial University (Amendment) Act 32
37 Municipalities (Amendment) Act, 1999 33
* 35 Pharmaceutical Association (Amendment) Act, 1994 34
50 Jury (Amendment) Act, 1991 35
49 Justices of the Peace Amendment Act 36
47 Securities (Amendment) Act 37
48 Insurance Companies (Amendment) Act 38
38 Labour Standards (Amendment) Act 39
36 Fish Processing Licensing Board Act F-12.01
52 Pension Benefits (Amendment) Act, 1997 40
56 Internal Economy Commission (Amendment) Act 41
65 House of Assembly (Amendment) Act 42
57 Fish Inspection (Amendment) Act 43
* 40 House of Assembly (Amendment) Act and Elections (Amendment) Act 44
54 Court Security Act
(To be proclaimed)
63 Public Service Pensions (Amendment) Act, 1991 45
60 Financial Administration (Amendment) Act No. 2 46
59 Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 2004 47
66 Law Society (Amendment) Act, 1999 48
62 Pensions Funding (Amendment) Act 49
* 68 Members of the House of Assembly Pensions (Amendment) Act 50
41 Government Purchasing Agency Act G-6.1
* 53 Public Tender (Amendment) Act 51
* 39 Transparency and Accountability Act
(To be proclaimed)
64 Occupational Health and Safety (Amendment) Act 52
* 43 Lobbyist Registration Act
(To be proclaimed)
58 Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Tax Credit Act L-1.1
61 Liquor Corporation (Amendment) Act 53
45 Motorized Snow Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles (Amendment) Act 54


* Bills amended in Committee of the Whole House.

In researching the law readers should note that the following Statutes of Newfoundland and Labrador, 2004
include amendments to other Statutes as listed below:


Chapter 47

Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 2004
Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Adoption Act
Agreement on Internal Trade Amendment Act
Change of Name Act
Childrenís Law Act
City of Corner Brook Act
City of Mount Pearl Act
City of St. Johnís Act
Class Actions Act
Condominium Act
Crop Insurance Act
Elections Act, 1991
Evacuated Communities Act
Family Law Act
Fatalities Investigations Act
Health and Post Secondary Education Tax Act
House of Assembly Act
Income and Employment Support Act
Income Tax Act, 2000
Industries Act
Labour Standards Act
Massage Therapy Act
Mining and Mineral Rights Tax Act, 2002
Municipalities Act, 1999
Neglected Adults Welfare Act
Occupational Health and Safety Act
Optometry Act, 2004
Pension Benefits Act, 1997
Private Training Institutions Act
Public Employees Act
Research Council Act
Statutes and Subordinate Legislation Act
Teachersí Pensions Act
Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000
Vital Statistics Act
Wild Life Act
Young Persons Offences Act
Corporations Regulations

Chapter C-5.1

Centre for Health Information Act - (To Be Proclaimed)
Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation Act
Health and Community Services Act
Hospitals Act
Medical Care Insurance Act, 1999
Vital Statistics Act

Chapter G-6.1

Government Purchasing Agency Act
Public Tender Act
Works, Services and Transportation Act

Chapter 36

Justices of the Peace Amendment Act
Aquaculture Act
Automobile Dealers Act
City of St. Johnís Act
Collections Act
Communicable Diseases Act
Consumer Protection Act
Consumer Reporting Agencies Act
Dangerous Goods Transportation Act
Degree Granting Act
Endangered Species Act
Fatalities Investigations Act
Financial Corporations Capital Tax Act
Fish Inspection Act
Food and Drug Act
Gasoline Tax Act
Health and Post-Secondary Education Tax Act
Human Rights Code
Insurance Adjusters, Agents and Brokers Act
Judicature Act
Labour Standards Act
Law Society Act, 1999
Liquor Control Act
Liquor Corporation Act
Mining and Mineral Rights Tax Act, 2002
Mortgage Brokers Act
Occupational Health and Safety Act
Offshore Area Corporate Income Tax Act
Pension Benefits Act, 1997
Petroleum Products Act
Plant Protection Act
Poultry and Poultry Products Act
Prepaid Funeral Services Act
Provincial Offences Act
Quarry Materials Act, 1998
Real Estate Trading Act
Recording of Evidence Act
Residential Tenancies Act, 2000
Retail Sales Tax Act
Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Act, 1992
Salvage Dealers Licensing Act
Shops' Closing Act
Stock Savings Tax Credit Act
Tobacco Tax Act
Trade Practices Act
Vegetable Grading Act
Venture Capital Act
Wild Life Act
Commercial Vehicle Maintenance Standards Regulations
Livestock Health Regulations
Provincial Court Family Rules
Rules of the Supreme Court, 1986
Waste Management Regulations, 2003

Chapter L-3.1

Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement Act - (To Be Proclaimed)
Adoption Act
Aquaculture Act
Archives Act
Chattels Real Act
Child Care Services Act
Child, Youth and Family Services Act
Childrenís Law Act
Conveyancing Act
Crown Royalties Act
Detention of Intoxicated Persons Act
Electrical Power Control Act, 1994
Emergency Measures Act
Endangered Species Act
Environmental Protection Act
Executive Council Act
Exhumation Act
Expropriation Act
Family Law Act
Family Relief Act
Financial Administration Act
Fish Inspection Act
Forestry Act
Geographical Names Board Act
Health and Community Services Act
Historic Resources Act
Human Rights Code
Income and Employment Support Act
Intestate Succession Act
Judgment Enforcement Act
Lands Act
Limitations Act
Liquor Control Act
Mechanics' Lien Act
Mineral Act
Mineral Holdings Impost Act
Motorized Snow Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles Act
Municipalities Act, 1999
National Parks Lands Act
Neglected Adults Welfare Act
Petroleum and Natural Gas Act
Provincial Parks Act
Public Service Commission Act
Public Tender Act
Public Utilities Act
Public Utilities Acquisition of Lands Act
Quarry Materials Act, 1998
Quieting of Titles Act
Schools Act, 1997
Solemnization of Marriage Act
Support Orders Enforcement Act
Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000
Water Resources Act
Wild Life Act
Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Act
Wills Act

Chapter O-7.01

Optometry Act, 2004 - (To Be Proclaimed)
Pharmaceutical Association Act, 1994
Optometry Act

Chapter 28


Petroleum Products (Amendment) Act
Petroleum Products Regulations
Petroleum Products Assessment Regulations, 2003

Chapter P-29.1


Provincial Court Judges' Pension Plan Act
Pensions Funding Act
Public Service Pensions Act, 1991

Chapter  V-4.1

Veterinary Medical Act, 2004
Agrologists Act
Animal Protection Act
Pharmaceutical Association Act, 1994
Veterinary Medical Act

This list was prepared by the Office of the Legislative Counsel.

Questions or omissions should be brought to the attention of that Office.