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  Statutes of Newfoundland and Labrador 2008

Chapter Act
Chapter 1 Interim Supply Act, 2008
Chapter 2 Supplementary Supply Act, 2007-2008
Chapter 3 Supply Act, 2008
Chapter 4 Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (Amendment) Act
Chapter 5 Members of the House of Assembly Retiring Allowances (Amendment) Act
Chapter 6 Support Orders Enforcement (Amendment) Act, 2006
Chapter 7 Student Financial Assistance (Amendment) Act
Chapter 8 Fatal Accidents (Amendment) Act
Chapter 9 Bulk Sales Act Repeal Act
Chapter 10 City of Mount Pearl (Amendment) Act, City of St. Johns (Amendment) Act, and Municipalities (Amendment) Act, 1999
Chapter 11 Forestry (Amendment) Act
Chapter 12 Loan and Guarantee (Amendment) Act, 1957
Chapter 13 Lobbyist Registration (Amendment) Act
Chapter 14 Liquor Control (Amendment) Act Respecting a Licensee Levy
Chapter 15 Labour Standards (Amendment) Act to Provide for Leave for Reservists
Chapter 16 Pension Benefits (Amendment) Act, 1997
Chapter 17 Law Society (Amendment) Act, 1999
Chapter 18 Labour Relations (Amendment) Act
Chapter 19 Mental Health Care and Treatment (Amendment) Act
Chapter 20 Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2000
Chapter 21 Health and Post-Secondary Education Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 22 Retail Sales (Amendment) Tax Act and Tax Agreement (Amendment) Act
Chapter 23 Members of the House of Assembly Retiring Allowances (Amendment) Act, Provincial Court Judges' Pension Plan (Amendment) Act, Public Service Pensions (Amendment) Act, 1991, Teachers' Pensions (Amendment) Act and Uniformed Services Pensions (Amendment) Act, 1991
Chapter 24 Partnership (Amendment) Act
Chapter 25 Legal Aid (Amendment) Act
Chapter 26 House of Assembly Accountability, Integrity and Administration (Amendment) Act
Chapter 27 Provincial Court (Amendment) Act, 1991
Chapter 28 Judicature (Amendment) Act
Chapter 29 Liquor Control (Amendment) Act
Chapter 30 Child and Youth Advocate (Amendment) Act
Chapter 31 Energy Corporation (Amendment) Act
Chapter 32 Supplementary Supply Act, 2008-2009
Chapter 33 Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2000 and Financial Corporations Capital Tax (Repeal) Act
Chapter 34 Real Estate Trading (Amendment) Act
Chapter 35 Arts Council (Amendment) Act
Chapter 36 Pickersgill Fellowship Act Repeal Act
Chapter 37 Memorial University Foundation Act Repeal Act
Chapter 38 Corporations Guarantees Act Repeal Act
Chapter 39 Certified Public Accountants Act Repeal Act
Chapter 40 Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants Merger Act Repeal Act
Chapter 41 Newfoundland and Labrador Computer Services Limited Amendment Act Repeal Act
Chapter 42 The Labrador Linerboard Limited Agreement Act, 1979 Repeal Act
Chapter 43 The Labrador Linerboard Limited Agreement (Amendment) Act, 1979 Repeal Act
Chapter 44 Securities (Amendment) Act
Chapter 45 Provincial Court (Amendment) Act, 1991 No. 2
Chapter 46 Student Financial Assistance (Amendment) Act No. 2
Chapter 47 Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 2008
Chapter 48 School Boards Association Act Repeal Act
Chapter 49 Homes for Special Care Act Repeal Act
Chapter 50 Midwifery Act Repeal Act
Chapter 51 Private Homes for Special Care Allowances Act Repeal Act
Chapter 52 Venereal Disease Prevention Act Repeal Act
Chapter 53 Mineral (Amendment) Act
Chapter 54 Management of Information (Amendment) Act
Chapter 55 Rooms (Amendment) Act
Chapter 56 Forestry (Amendment) Act No. 2
Chapter 57 Highway Traffic (Amendment) Act
Chapter 58 House of Assembly Accountability, Integrity and Administration (Amendment) Act No. 2
Chapter 59 Rooms (Amendment) Act No.2
Chapter A-1.01 Abitibi-Consolidated Rights and Assets Act
Chapter A-15.1 Architects Act, 2008
Chapter C-6.1 Certified General Accountants Act, 2008
Chapter C-6.2 Certified Management Accountants Act
Chapter C-9.1 Chartered Accountants Act, 2008
Chapter C-37.0001 Cost of Consumer Credit Disclosure Act
Chapter D-6.1 Dental Act, 2008
Chapter E-7.1 Embalmers and Funeral Directors Act, 2008
Chapter E-9.1 Emergency Services Act
Chapter E-11.02 Energy Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador Water Rights Act
Chapter E-12.1 Engineers and Geoscientists Act, 2008
Chapter F-11.01 Fire Protection Services Act
Chapter P-7.01 Personal Health Information Act
Chapter R-9.1 Registered Nurses Act, 2008
Chapter R-13.1 Research and Development Council Act