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House of Assembly Coat of Arms

House of Assembly

Newfoundland and Labrador

Compensation Reports

As required by the Publication Scheme, the compensation paid to Members by the House of Assembly must be posted on an annual basis. Each report includes the following:

The reports do not include the salaries paid to office holder positions in the Executive Branch (e.g. Premier, Ministers, etc.).

Members' Compensation Review Committee (MCRC)

Under subsection 16(1) of the House of Assembly Accountability, Integrity and Administration Act I (the Act), an independent committee called the Members’ Compensation Review Committee (MCRC) must be appointed at least once in each General Assembly. Its purpose is to conduct an inquiry and compile a report respecting the salaries, allowances, severance payments and pensions paid to Members of the House of Assembly.

Previous MCRC Reports

Once an MCRC has concluded its review, the report and recommendations is presented to the House of Assembly Management Commission for consideration. As outlined in subsection 16(6) of the Act, the Commission has the power to modify the recommendations, but does not have the authority to exceed the maximum amounts recommended by the MCRC.