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House of Assembly Coat of Arms

House of Assembly

Newfoundland and Labrador



The House of Assembly Accountability, Integrity and Administration Act (the act) includes provisions for oversight and auditing to ensure that the Legislature remains transparent and accountable with respect to its operations and to the expenditure of public funds.

Compensation Disclosure

The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act which applies to the House of Assembly Service, Statutory Offices and political support staff of the Legislature, requires the publication of total compensation information for employees who make greater than $100,000 in total compensation annually.

The list must include the name of the employee, official job title, name of the department or public body in which they are employed, total compensation, as well as a breakdown of base salary, overtime, shift premiums, retroactive pay, bonuses, and severance where applicable.

The listing for a calendar year is required to be disclosed by June 30 of the following year.

Compensation Disclosure 2018

Management Certification

Section 20 of the act requires the Clerk to certify to the Commission that the House of Assembly and Statutory Offices have appropriate systems of internal controls in place, and that those systems are operating effectively. Consultants are engaged annually to enable the Clerk to meet these requirements. The services include a review of the design effectiveness and existence of internal controls, identification of any control gaps and recommendations for remedial action.

This measure of accountability is rare for Canadian public entities and is unique to the Legislature among public entities in this province.

The management certification is included in the annual report of the Management Commission for each fiscal year.

Annual Financial Audit

The Auditor General assumes the role of auditor for the Legislature, unless the Management Commission appoints an external auditor. This is done on recommendation of the Audit Committee by the end of any given fiscal year.

The financial information audited by the Auditor General includes the Schedule of assets and liabilities, the Schedules of expenditure and related revenues and gross expenditures and unexpended balances of the Legislature for that fiscal year.

The audited financial information for the House of Assembly and Statutory Offices is included in the annual report of the Management Commission for that fiscal year.

Compliance Audit

As per the act, the Auditor General must complete a compliance audit once during each General Assembly.

Compliance Audit Reports