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House of Assembly Coat of Arms

House of Assembly

Newfoundland and Labrador


House of Assembly Service

The House of Assembly Service is the group of employees who support the functioning of the House of Assembly and its Committees, the House of Assembly Management Commission and the Members of the House of Assembly. It includes the Speaker, the Clerk, employees of the Office of the Clerk, the Information Management Division and the Corporate and Members' Services Division.

Employees of the House of Assembly Service are subject to a code of conduct, which was developed in accordance with the House of Assembly Accountability, Integrity and Administration Act. Employees are required to sign the code of conduct annually, as a means of declaring their ongoing commitment to its principles.

Current Employment Opportunities in the House of Assembly Service

Office of the Clerk

The Office of the Clerk supports the activities of the Clerk of the House of Assembly in all parliamentary and administrative matters. It also provides support services to all Committees, and provides full administrative support to the Management Commission. Additionally, the Office of the Clerk provides legal advice on parliamentary matters to the Speaker, the Clerk and to the House of Assembly; and provides support in the areas of communications and policy.

Information Management Division

The Information Management Division is responsible for preserving and making public the operations, proceedings and history of the House of Assembly, its Committees and the Management Commission. It is also responsible for developing and implementing the information management framework to ensure appropriate record-keeping. The division includes the Legislative Library, Broadcast Services, Hansard, and Records Management.

Corporate and Members' Services Division

The Corporate and Members' Services Division of the House of Assembly Service provides financial, budgetary, human resources, payroll and general administrative services to the House of Assembly Service, caucus offices, Members of the House of Assembly and their staff and to the Statutory Offices (excluding the Office of the Auditor General). The division includes Human Resources and Payroll Administration, Financial Planning and Reporting, General Operations and Purchasing and Accounts Payable.